Believe in yourself

“Whatever may come forth, believe in yourself..”

Please forgive me for any formatting errors in this article. I am quite embarrassed to admit that even after 7 years of on and off blogging, I cannot consider myself a laureate blogger. I started this blog in 2009 with a hope to enhance my writing skills and create my own fan following as an author. It did start off well, but with my increasing preoccupation for job and personal affairs, the charm of writing here dwindled. Continue reading

Using Technologies in Architecture to Enhance Acoustic Experience


Often the acoustics pose challenges for architects and motivates them to use their imagination and creativity. Architecture forms may integrate use of advanced technologies in order to enhance acoustics in modern concert halls. The key role of advanced technologies that are used in architecture is to enhance acoustic experience at a live performance concert venue. Acoustic design has evolved over the years to allow sound engineers and architects to avoid any sound disasters. Electronic technologies and computer aided software have the power to solve many acoustical problems by allowing them to access the acoustic performance as early as design stage. Technologies such as ray tracing that use a computer technique to visualize how sound waves travel through space, and auralization that helps architects to hear how buildings may sound in the design phase have contributed in the enhancement of acoustics to a great deal (Brensilver, 2004). The current essay analyzes two concert halls/outdoor venue space designed by Frank Gehry including Chicago’s Jay Pritzker Pavilion, and Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Continue reading

Snapdeal Diwali Sale – Look Before You Shop

On a Monday morning, today, 12th October 2015, I decided to login on to have a look at Diwali Sales Offers. The hourly deals between 7-8 am did not appeal to me. I had a look, and went for my morning walk. When I came back at 8 am, I again logged on the website for some exciting deals. Continue reading

Experience Real Magic with Airtel 4G: Speed Beyond Your Expectations

Technology has made it possible to exchange information at a speed which was once an imagination. Our world is already empowered with high speed technology such as 3G that allows us to access data anytime and anywhere. Wondering if you get a faster speed than 3G? Yes, you can! Airtel 4G offers fastest speed for internet with a reliable and secure connection. With Airtel 4G Sim, you can experience an internet speed that is far beyond your expectation! I have recently subscribed for a 4G Sim by Airtel and my experience is fantastic. Continue reading

Healthy Tomato Soup – You can cook at home!


It was a rainy Monday today and since I was suffering from cough and cold, I decided to try tomato soup recipe. Knorr soup or other ready-made soups have their own disadvantages and health related concerns. So, I thought about making a healthy tomato soup at home. Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day My Dear Mom

A mother is the most beautiful gift of nature that is bestowed upon us. Your mother is your best well-wisher and your most valuable asset. Her smile makes you forget all your worries and makes your life worthwhile. Mother’s Day is a tribute to all mothers around the world. The day, however, becomes sentimental for kids who do not have their mother anymore with them and mothers that are separated from their children. I have a similar case as my mother is no more physically present with me today. Continue reading

An Accident and a Dog Bite- At the same time!

Whatever is in the fate, is bound to happen. There are incidents in human life that make one think, “how did this happen?” It may have happened to you too. You could have met with an accident and escaped miraculously. But how about a dog bite right after a serious accident, you just escaped? Surprising? Read on. Continue reading

Attention Entrepreneurs: एंटरप्रेनर ध्यान दें

बड़े दिनों बाद आज कुछ लिखने का मौका मिला है| खुद का काम (बिज़नेस विमन) होना कोई आसान बात नहीं है| नौकरी में आपकी एक हद तक ज़िम्मेवारी होती है, पर आपके अपने काम में आप खुद के मालिक हो| कहने पढ़ने में बहुत अच्छा लगता है, किन्तु भारत में एंटरप्रेनर होना अपने आप में दम रखता है| मैं यहाँ अपनी तारीफों के पुल नहीं बांधना चाहती, केवल कुछ लिखने का प्रयास कर रही हूँ| Continue reading

Cookies with Cream and Tomato Toppings

Cookies with Tomato and Creme Toppings

I love experimenting with food and I am proud to share my favorite innovation -Salty cookies with toppings of tomato, milk cream and tomato sauce. It is my favorite late night snack and I have served this to many guests who have found the combination interesting!

Here is a formal recipe:

Ingredients: One Packet of Salted Cookies (Such as Monaco), Tomato, Tomato Sauce, Milk Cream

Procedure: Take a pack of Monaco Cookies and arrange the cookies evenly on a plate. Now pour a little cream on all the cookies. Next, cut slices of fresh tomato and arrange them on the cookies. Finally, add a drop of tomato sauce on each cookie and the dish is ready! Yes, it just takes 5 minutes to prepare this!

Precaution: You need to consume the dish within 15-20 minutes of preparation, else the cookies will melt with sauce.. But who will wait for that long? 🙂

Try it for yourself and enjoy!