An Accident and a Dog Bite- At the same time!

Whatever is in the fate, is bound to happen. There are incidents in human life that make one think, “how did this happen?” It may have happened to you too. You could have met with an accident and escaped miraculously. But how about a dog bite right after a serious accident, you just escaped? Surprising? Read on. Continue reading

You are so close to my heart – Poem

You are so close to my heart

Yet I do not know how to make a start

It is not a question of expression of ideas running in my head

But it is the choice of words given to emotions to nicely move ahead

I know I suffer from word deficiency syndrome

But remember this blog is like my home sweet home

This poem was supposed to be written in memory of someone close

But I think it has become silly for the tone I chose

I just discovered that writing poems can magically ease your heart

So what are you waiting for give it a stupid start

Now I am winding up as the day has just begun

And for good health I have to run, run and run!

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him and Her

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Her :

My cute little pie, you don’t look that fat and its not a lie!

Be my valentine my girl, I promise to overlook lice in your curl!

You are the chocolate of my heart and burger on my plate. I wish to be your special mate!

You are the book on my table and as pretty as my horses in the stable.

You are my sugar, you are my choco pie. You wont find a better guy!

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him :

You look so cute and you look so tall my dear. Will you be my valentine this year?

May the best shampoo clean your hair. Will you be my valentine oh dear?

You are my cute superstar. Will you be my valentine my dear?

You are the joy of my heart and the tune in my violin. Will you be my valentine?

You are the rose in the garden of my heart. Will you be my valentine sweetheart?

Funny Acronyms Jokes

Funny Acronyms Jokes

Here are some funny acronyms which you will enjoy reading!

  • AC : Alternate Currency 
  • AJAX : Animated Jargon Astonishing Xero
  • ARM : Abrupt Revenue Management
  • ASAP : Again Say Again Play
  • ATM : आजा  तुझे  मारू (Come, I’ll beat you)
  • ATM : Always Talk Money
  • CM : Casual Money
  • CPU : Creating Problems Universally
  • DC : Disco चलें?
  • DM : Direct Money
  • FTP : Fully Testing Program
  • HTML : हम  तुमको  मारेंगे लात
  • HTML : Hyper Talkative Marketing Lover
  • ILU : I lure you
  • LCD : Low Capacity Dead
  • LM : Loan Money
  • MSC : Most Stupid Course
  • PHD : Permanent Head Damage
  • PM : Pocket Money
  • PTO : Potato Tomato Okra (आलू  टमाटर  भिन्डी )
  • RAM : Record Abolish Machine
  • RSVP : Reply Soon वर्ना  पिटोगे (Reply fast else you will be beaten)
  • SLR : Slow Lending Rate
  • VIP : Very Impotent Person
  • Hope you enjoyed reading my post. Do post your comments and feedback.

    (By Anushka Suri)

    Funny One Liner Jokes

    Funny One Liner Jokes Collection

    Here are some funny one liner jokes for you :

    • Butter or jam put on bread, a married man is half dead.
    • Sing like a Koel and live like a king. Take a proper bath, let the phone ring!
    • One two three, a big old tree. Four five six, lice in hair pricks. Eight nine ten, I missed the train.
    • I love you sweetheart, I wish you had a brain as big as heart.
    • Grass is green and roses are red. Lets stop talking nonsense and go to bed!
    • A glass full of  lime soda with a little ice. Lets fix a trap for all the household mice!
    • You make my day nice and bright. You put my impression on my boss right. I can’t live without you – my shoe polish!
    • I have 10 fingers, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 ears, 1 nose but brain is absent!
    • You give me 1 dollar and I give you 1 rupee. I have a standard unit system, I don’t believe in currency valuations you see!
    • When your wife, screams at you.. be patient to listen and say I love you.. When your wife bangs the door at you, be courteous and say I love you.. When your wife starts beating you, bear the beat and say my heart beats for you..
    • When in a marriage there are no wars, then you both are lucky stars!
    • Marriage is an art, the art of getting trained to maintain peace in the extreme circumstances while living with the biggest enemy!
    • Live life king size, have a burger and have french fries!
    • Where there is a will, there is a way. Life is a small hill, with monkeys all the way!
    • Have faith in yourself and have faith in others. These sentences do sound old, but are true in all weathers!

     Hope you enjoyed reading them! Do post feedback and comments.

    Funny Romantic One Liners For Her and Him

    Funny Romantic One Liners

    Thanks so much for an amazing response to my earlier post on funny romantic one liners . Here are some more I have just thought about :

    Funny romantic one liners for her

    • You are as sweet as sugar and I am scared I dont die of diabetes baby!
    • I love your hairstyle, some on left, some on right and others straight : I dont understand much but you look stunning sweetheart!
    • I love your teeth. Your teeth shine brightly on your face just like a streak of light in dark clouds.
    • I love you so much baby. Your voice is so intoxicating that it puts me to sleep when I call you at night! 😉
    • We both are made for each other. I have short eyesight and you have long. I cant see far away objects and you cant see near ones.. I keep on locking the doors and you keep unlocking them.. I keep breaking the rules and you keep making them..
    • I got scared when I first saw you in the morning! It was the first time I had seen you without any make up..
    • Your hairs are like an express way.. I get confused and lost on my way through them..
    • I owe my great biceps and tricepts to your darling. I lifted you every day and night.

    Funny romantic one liners for him

    • I promise to hug you everyday but then I want you to use a deo everyday.
    • I love your moustaches but your beard pricks me dear
    • I love kissing you but your moustaches come in between
    • I love your spikes.. seems like a feshly cut green grass
    • I love your biceps and triceps.. hats off to your exercise schedule.. but you need to prove yourself. Lift me to 5th floor now!!!
    • I love your sparkling smile, which brand of toothpaste do your use?
    • Why do your hair stand straight? Are you using a gel??
    • I fell in love with you the moment I saw you wearing the best brand of shoes. Afterall you need a lot of money to buy such a brand and Iam sure you will buy me a ladies pair soon..

    Check out my earlier post here

    Funny Romantic one liners

    Although I am not much experienced with using one liners, but contributing few self composed here.

    Funny Romantic One liners:

    • I love your long hair..Which brand of shampoo do you use??
    • Your eyes are so intoxicating! Didnt you have enough sleep last night??
    • I love your smile.. but I hate your braces!!
    • You have a great figure! But in comparison to a cow!!
    • I love spending time with you and I can spend hours and days with you.. but money is little expensive baby..
    • My heart beats faster when you come accross.. not because you attract me but because I remember our last date(very heavy on my pocket)

    I hope you found them funny enough!!

    Pls post comments and feedback!!

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