जब से तुम मिले हो-हिंदी कविता

जब से तुम मिले हो मेरे जानम

दूर हुए हैं सारे गम

भूल गए हम कि क्या थे हम

ये भी याद नहीं अब क्या हैं हम

शीशा देखें तो याद आते हो तुम

सुबह की किरण से मुस्कुराते हो तुम

फूलों से खूबसूरत और कमल से कोमल हो तुम

लाखों करोड़ों में एक चाँद की सूरत हो तुम

तुमसे क्या कहें कि कितनी प्यारी मूरत हो तुम

हम तो यह ही सोचते रह जाते हैं

कि तुमको निहारें या तुम्हारी कारीगरी को

–  अनुष्का

A Visit to Dolls Museum

I got a chance to visit Dolls Museum today after about 20 years.  I had last gone there as a kid with my dad.  It was a very nice experience with 15 Rs ticket for an adult and 5 Rs ticket for an adult.  So I spent 15 Rs, got the ticket and presented it to the security guard at the entrance gate. The guard asked me not to take any snap inside the museum to which I agreed as I was not carrying a camera with me. The museum has a wide collection of dolls which showcase cultures from different parts of the world.

I was amazed and excited to see the following :

  • An artistic view of Lord Krishn sitting on the tree with clothes of all Gopis and while the Gopis were having bath in Yamuna river. The work was beautifully done and it seemed as if it was happening live there and then.
  • Another mindblowing scene was that of Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman alongwith Saint Vishwamitra guiding them to kill the demon Tadka. It was so beautifully done that I almost felt if the arrow would soon be released by the divine brothers to kill her (demon Taadka).
  • Beautiful Ram Darbaar was presented with all  divine powers taking blessings from Lord Ram and Sita Ji while Lord Hanuman Ji was sitting near lotus feet of  Ram Ji.
  • In Indonesia section, Lord Ram was seen killing Ravana.
  • Narsimha-avtaar, Baman Avtaar and other great divine avataars were seen.

The museum has an excellent collection of beautiful dolls and is a must visit place for kids and especially art lovers in Delhi.

Hindi Doha Collection (Offbeat)

Santan ki waani suno…
Nitya karo gun kaan..
Antah Man sheetal kare..
Bhagaye andhkar agyaan.


Sant kahi tu hi saach hai.
So hi kah Ved ka gyaan..
To ku jaan ke baad na hai..
Koi shanka, koi agyaan..
Ek sant moh mil gayo..
Naam Kripalu kahaye…
Kahi Antah-karan sheetal karu.
De assu-an mala banaye..


Kou kah mandir mein rahu..
Kou kah mazjid mein jaan..
Sant kah ouu sab jagah milu..
Kan kan mein rah samaan..


By Anushka Suri

The Beauty of Our Creator

I thought to write this post and express my views on the Creator – God. I have not been a philosophy student but lately I have been enlightened with facts which we all ignore in our daily lives. We are proud as a species – we create problems for ourselves and then say loudly oh, we found solutions! Recently I was told by a friend that scientists have found solutions to global warming. But I would like to ask all intelligent souls – what is the need to create such problems and why cannot we live in peace. We invent atom bomb and then atom bomb kills us (recently in Japan). We are so egoistic about our so-called knowledge and intelligence, that we dare to challenge supreme power sometimes in our unconsciousness. We feel pride in cloning and discoveries of new objects, but are we not using the ingredients already existing on earth?

Our knowledge is so limited that we are still not able to understand with our logic, the chemistry behind an atom. We know there is a proton,  an electron and a neutron. But who tells these sub-atomic particles to have a definite charge and mass? We are not able to identify that supreme power governing the universe even at sub-atomic levels. We are making efforts in identification of number of galaxies, planets and so on. But we are not willing to accept, it is infinite.

In our daily lives, we accept small things without logic. When we are ill, we go to doctor and he says you have a serious problem, we immediately surrender to him without logic that how to know if doctor is genuine and we will not take treatment. We trust that doctor will treat us well. But when it comes to accepting the authority of scriptures, Vedas, Bhagwad – language of God, we have our doubts in place!

God resides in every one – living and non living. But we have our doubts and we continue to feel that we are alone and do sins. It is impossible to gain complete knowledge with our limited minds, limited eyes we can’t see beyond few meters, limited ears we cannot hear below and above a certain range, limited voice – we can’t speak beyond a pitch and volume and limited diet – we cannot eat beyond a certain limit and we vomit in case of over-eating. We know we are limited but we are not willing to accept it due to our ego.

God who is the creator of this universe sits peacefully and in eternal divine bliss. He is complete in Himself and He smiles at our foolishness. We go to temples and worship Him with our physical body. We do meditation without imagination or thoughts about Him. All these go futile in spiritual world.  Love for God which is felt with heart is true spiritual love. All I wrote above will sound Greek to some of us, but thanks for reading!

In the lotus feet of my spiritual Guru.

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I want to be a loser

I want to be a loser.

I want to lose my ego.

I want to lose my pride.

I want to lose my selfishness.

I want to lose my lies.

I want to lose my greed.

I want to lose my anger.

I want to lose my unhappiness.

I want to lose my hatred.

I want to lose my irritability.

I want to lose my fear.



Has it ever happened with you?

Has it ever happened with you?

  • Your fast friend started avoiding you.
  • A mere joke became very serious.
  • There was a misunderstanding and you could not sort it out.
  • You could not confess that you love someone so much.
  • You were all prepared for your exam but still could not remember the answers.
  • The person whom you love does not love you.
  • People are mean and rude to you without any reason.
  • You are punished even if you are not at fault.
  • You give your best but it does not work.
  • People are so unforgiving to you.
  • You instantly connect with few people than with others.
  • When you are in trouble and your trust is broken by whom you trust the most.
  • You get support from where it is least expected.
  • You miss your mom but you do not have her with you.
  • You want to talk to a person but you cannot.
  • You fear that you may die.
  • You feel that no one loves you.
  • You want to love and be loved.
  • You postpone buying a stuff but you don’t get it later.
  • You buy a watch but it does not work.
  • People who gossip with you also gossip about you.
  • You let it go for other’s happiness.
  • Silence speaks louder than words.
  • You want to say sorry but no body listens.
  • You want to sleep but you are not able to.
  • You want to concentrate but you are not able to do that.

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What matters the most?

It was a normal day today. Just recovering from poor health problems. Some other minor issues which bothered me, but fair enough I am still alive and I am able to write this post. I am thankful to God for this.  I am an unqualified philosopher I guess. It was just that I switched on the idiot box after a lot of time (1 week) and I was surprised looking at few advertisements promising people to make them richer and one of these said – be a crorepati and indirectly said stop thinking about small things.  So I want to ask you now, what matters to you the most in life? Is it fame, money, love, relationships, family, status, ego, crime, jealousy, power, luxury or health?

If you carefully look at advertisements, marketing efforts in newspapers, phone calls or any other media, people promise you : good health in the form of biscuits with high fiber, biscuits with high glucose – more energy, glucon d – instant energy, juices without preservatives, mutual fund companies want to promise you more profits/returns on your investments, retailers offer you festive discounts, film directors/actors offer you entertainment – so buy movie tickets!

You might feel, I am trying to be some saint or a person who wants to shed all worldly belongings, but it does not really matter to me what you are thinking about me as a person. What really matters is that what is it that you really want? Is it happiness which we all are chasing or is it these misconceptions which we are accepting as realities of life.

Let us look at education sector today. We spend a lot of time and money on imparting quality education to our kids. But we forget the role of moral education in creating good human beings. We should teach our kids about how they can set example for others. There is nothing wrong in being honest, being truthful to self and others, lending a helping hand to those in need, giving money to needy, being friends with a servant’s kid and many more small things which matter in the long run. When your kid turns into adult – he will be more forgiving towards others, he will be able to curb bad company, bad habits – smoking/drinking/drugs, he will be honest with you and will be a good person as a whole.  Along with good moral values, good stress handling capabilities can bring out the best in humans.  It is not abnormal to have stress, tension, be depressed. But what really matters in the end is how you deal with it.

It is important to present a positive picture in every situation. My Guru Mantra is  that whenever everything seems going negative,  just think about positive things in life and let the bad phase pass through.  Coming back to what matters the most to me in life? Well it is good health, peace of mind, happiness and love. Yes I love being loved and I love loving others. Some innocent people especially youngsters do not understand the depth of word love and simply misunderstand me when I say  “love”.  Love is not only about romance between lovers. Love is a feeling which can exist between friends, family, towards God (beyond understanding for some of you!), love towards nature, animals, hobbies etc.

So friends, next time you are lured by anything which offers you fast profits, fast money, or a big piece of wealth, please do think about what matters to you in your life. Everything in this materialistic world is temporary. A lot of you are frustrated reading this from me but it is a hard fact. Your body, your age, your breadth, your wealth, your family, your job, your status, your memory – everything you own today is temporary. So take wise decisions about what you do in this short life and how you and with whom you spend your life.

I guess you are already tired reading this and if you are saying I am wrong and you instead enjoyed reading this, then please post comments! Thanks for reading! 🙂