Behakti ye nazar – Hindi Poem On Love

बहकती ये नज़र अब किसे बह्काएगी
तेरी याद की ये तड़प अब और कितना तडपाएगी
तेरे लब पर खिलती हुई जब एक हंसी आयेगी
प्या बताऊँ देख के तुझे ज़ालिम जान ये मेरी जाएगी
बादलों से तेज़ बरसात होगी
जब अपनी मीठी मुलाकात होगी
इस तड़पते दिल को जोर से तब धडकाएगी
जब सब तूफ़ान को चीर कर पास तू मेरे आयेगी

How to read:
Bahkati ye nazar ab kise bhkayengi
Teri yaad ki ye tadap ab aur kitna tadpayegi
Tere lab par khilti hue jab ek hansi aayegi
Kya btaun dekh ke tujhe jalim jaan ye meri jayegi
Badlo se tez barsaat hogi
Jab apni mithi mulakaat hogi
Es tadpte dil ko jaur se tab dhdkayegi
jab sab tufaan ko cheer kar paas tu mere aayegi


Hindi Messages For Love | Hindi Love Messages

Here are some cute, original Hindi love messages for him and her which you would enjoy reading and sharing :

Hindi Love Messages with English Translation :

  • मुझे रात दिन बस एक काम है

मेरी जुबां पर बस तेरा ही एक नाम है

I have only one work day and night. Only your name is present on my throat.
  • तेरी आँखों का ये जो मस्त जाम है
             पिला दे मुझे ये तेरा आशिक बदनाम है
The intoxicating nectar of your eyes, let me drink it, your lover is notorious.
  • दिल खोल के देख लो मेरा नाम लिखा है इस में बस तेरा
            आजा मेरी ज़िदगी में अब तू मैंने दिल से तुझे है पुकारा
Open my heart and see, only your name is written on it. Come in my life now, my heart is longing for you.
  • फूलो की खुशबू से चरों तरफ छाई है बहार
             बताना चाहता हूँ मुझको तुझसे है कितना प्यार
The spring is blossoming with the fragrance of the flowers. I wish to tell you how much I love you.
  • तेरे बिना चैन नहीं मुझे दिन रैना
             तू अब बस मेरी बनके ही रहना
My mind is in an unrest day and night. Now you be only mine.

Hum Panchi Hain Neel Gagan Ke – Hindi Poem

हम पंछी हैं नील गगन के

हमको तुम अब उड़ने दो
खुले आकाश में पतंगों जैसे
ऊंचाइयों को तुम छूने दो


हमको पिंजरों में न पकड़ो
हमारे पंखों को मत जकड़ो
हमको भी जीने दो कुछ जीवन
जिसमें हो कुछ भीगा सावन
हमको रहने दो तुम आज़ाद
बस इतनी सी हैं फरियाद

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him and Her

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Her :

My cute little pie, you don’t look that fat and its not a lie!

Be my valentine my girl, I promise to overlook lice in your curl!

You are the chocolate of my heart and burger on my plate. I wish to be your special mate!

You are the book on my table and as pretty as my horses in the stable.

You are my sugar, you are my choco pie. You wont find a better guy!

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him :

You look so cute and you look so tall my dear. Will you be my valentine this year?

May the best shampoo clean your hair. Will you be my valentine oh dear?

You are my cute superstar. Will you be my valentine my dear?

You are the joy of my heart and the tune in my violin. Will you be my valentine?

You are the rose in the garden of my heart. Will you be my valentine sweetheart?

Promotional Mobile SMS Messages On My Cellphone


This is an off beat post in which I am simply listing promotional mobile messages sent to me during past 1 week.

  • Earn as you learn the art of professional gift packaging
  • Plots in sector in Noida Expressway
  • Spring mattress- pillows and bedsheets free
  • 15% Off on Indian Cuisine
  • Star Gold Twenty 20
  • Test drive a car
  • Book a cab online
  • Dance Competition 2010
  • Work and settle in Canada
  • Guranteed discount on apartments in Gurgaon
  • Australia Admission Program by some college
  • Love is in air. Meet charming person.
  • 3 Year warranty on electronics
  • Sale on Retail brands
  • Seo training and web designing
  • Domain names registration
  • 10% off on hair and beauty
  • Premium apartments in Noida
  • Home Loans at cheaper rates
  • Do insurance, win LCD TV
  • Part time property business
  • Ayurvedic oils and shampoo
  • Clinical Research Diploma
  • Kya kehta hai apka bhagya?

I am sure you would be having most of them in common.

Whats my take on mobile promotional SMS messages?

  • I do read all of them as sometimes I get news about courses, fairs, contests and other info
  • I hate it when property messages flood my inbox
  • I went to a fair on basis od text msg which failed. (There was no fair)

Do post your feedback and contributions on sms which I missed in the post.