My heart longs for you

My heart longs for you over and over again

I want you forever both in joy and pain

Gone are the days which we had spent together

Not having you besides me today is the greatest regret ever

I wish I could spend my time with you

Ans share with you few things some old and some new

You are missed in my prayers over and over again

I love you a lot sweetheart you have been my greatest gain.

You are so close to my heart – Poem

You are so close to my heart

Yet I do not know how to make a start

It is not a question of expression of ideas running in my head

But it is the choice of words given to emotions to nicely move ahead

I know I suffer from word deficiency syndrome

But remember this blog is like my home sweet home

This poem was supposed to be written in memory of someone close

But I think it has become silly for the tone I chose

I just discovered that writing poems can magically ease your heart

So what are you waiting for give it a stupid start

Now I am winding up as the day has just begun

And for good health I have to run, run and run!

Behakti ye nazar – Hindi Poem On Love

बहकती ये नज़र अब किसे बह्काएगी
तेरी याद की ये तड़प अब और कितना तडपाएगी
तेरे लब पर खिलती हुई जब एक हंसी आयेगी
प्या बताऊँ देख के तुझे ज़ालिम जान ये मेरी जाएगी
बादलों से तेज़ बरसात होगी
जब अपनी मीठी मुलाकात होगी
इस तड़पते दिल को जोर से तब धडकाएगी
जब सब तूफ़ान को चीर कर पास तू मेरे आयेगी

How to read:
Bahkati ye nazar ab kise bhkayengi
Teri yaad ki ye tadap ab aur kitna tadpayegi
Tere lab par khilti hue jab ek hansi aayegi
Kya btaun dekh ke tujhe jalim jaan ye meri jayegi
Badlo se tez barsaat hogi
Jab apni mithi mulakaat hogi
Es tadpte dil ko jaur se tab dhdkayegi
jab sab tufaan ko cheer kar paas tu mere aayegi

Hindi Messages For Love | Hindi Love Messages

Here are some cute, original Hindi love messages for him and her which you would enjoy reading and sharing :

Hindi Love Messages with English Translation :

  • मुझे रात दिन बस एक काम है

मेरी जुबां पर बस तेरा ही एक नाम है

I have only one work day and night. Only your name is present on my throat.
  • तेरी आँखों का ये जो मस्त जाम है
             पिला दे मुझे ये तेरा आशिक बदनाम है
The intoxicating nectar of your eyes, let me drink it, your lover is notorious.
  • दिल खोल के देख लो मेरा नाम लिखा है इस में बस तेरा
            आजा मेरी ज़िदगी में अब तू मैंने दिल से तुझे है पुकारा
Open my heart and see, only your name is written on it. Come in my life now, my heart is longing for you.
  • फूलो की खुशबू से चरों तरफ छाई है बहार
             बताना चाहता हूँ मुझको तुझसे है कितना प्यार
The spring is blossoming with the fragrance of the flowers. I wish to tell you how much I love you.
  • तेरे बिना चैन नहीं मुझे दिन रैना
             तू अब बस मेरी बनके ही रहना
My mind is in an unrest day and night. Now you be only mine.

Seekha hai tumse – Hindi Poem

तेज़ दर्द में भी मुस्कुराना सीखा है तुमसे
डगमगाती कश्ती में न थरथराना सीखा है तुमसे
यूँ तो लोग बहादुर कहलाते है जंग लड़के लेकिन
ज़िन्दगी की जंग को लड़ते जाना सीखा है तुमसे
चाहे हो छाए काले बदल या हो छाया घोर अँधेरा
तुमको तो दिख जाता था दूर कही उगता सूरज
क्या कहना तुम्हारे साहस का क्या कहना तुम्हारा धीरज का
तुम्हारा वो मुस्कुरा कर सह लेना चाहे जो हो संकट
सलाम है तुमको चाहे आज तुम मेरे साथ नहीं
दिल में मेरे जीती रहोगी हमेशा जैसे जीती हो आज अभी

I am here again – Poem

I am here again with some thoughts in my mind to say
My lines may not rhyme but may rhyme too in some way
The sun is shining bright today in the sky so high
The poor moon looks at it in the morning with a sigh
Birds are chirping loudly in the greens
Farmers are looking eagerly for the rains
There are hopes and excitement in the young hearts
Rush is about to begin in the shopping marts
I may have not sounded very poetic I know
But that is all I could write what to do!


Just don’t give up – Poem

When the sky is red and the earth is blue
When things seem wrong from head to toe
When life gives you just another blow
Just don’t give up
When you need it fast but its too slow
When you are stopped and you want to go
When you want a cake but there is no dough
Just don’t give up
The night seems long, but the day shall show
Life is a pain, but it has to go
Day is bad today but not in a row
Just don’t give up

I love it – Love Poem

I love it when you are so near my dear

And that too in open hair

I love it when you are dressed your best

And rest your head on my chest

I love it when you put on a cute smile

And I keep thinking how much I love you for a while

I love it when you cook best food to eat

My heart my dear races to beat

I love it when you say that you love me

Because I am what today because of thee

When you are around – Love Poem

When you are around

Time comes to a standstill

Without you around

Life seems an upside hill

When you are around

I am a partying bee

Without you around

I am a crying bee

When you are around

Life is a flowery bath

Without you around

Life is a muddy waste

When you are around

Birds sing a lovely song

Without you around

The days seem just too long

When you are around

I feel I am myself dear

Without you around

I cannot feel complete I swear

The Song Of My Heart – Love Poem

The song of my heart my sweetheart says it loud

I am a raindrop and you are my cloud

You and I have been together for years

And I wish we stay happy without tears

When I see you and when you make a glance

My heart begins a disco dance

You are mine and I am yours

Says the moon and shout the stars