Six Principles of ACT

Continuing with my next motivational book : The Happiness Trap by Dr Russ Harris,I am back with my blogpost today!

So here I go with the six core ACT principles (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) :

1. Defusion

Defusion means to relate to one’s thoughts in a new way so that painful and disturbing thoughts have much lesser impact on you.

2. Expansion

Expansion means creating a room for unpleasant thoughts and feelings which means accepting bad feelings.

3. Connection

Connection means living in the present tense and not in the past or future.

4. The Observing Self

You must connect with your inner self – your inner soul – the actual you.

5. Values

You should clarify and identify the values you own as your values are the reflections of what is most important in your heart and what is most meaningful to you.

6. Committed Action

The committed action is an informed action taken by you motivated with your values.

That is all from my side today. Shall keep you posted. 🙂