Funny Acronyms Jokes

Funny Acronyms Jokes

Here are some funny acronyms which you will enjoy reading!

  • AC : Alternate Currency 
  • AJAX : Animated Jargon Astonishing Xero
  • ARM : Abrupt Revenue Management
  • ASAP : Again Say Again Play
  • ATM : आजा  तुझे  मारू (Come, I’ll beat you)
  • ATM : Always Talk Money
  • CM : Casual Money
  • CPU : Creating Problems Universally
  • DC : Disco चलें?
  • DM : Direct Money
  • FTP : Fully Testing Program
  • HTML : हम  तुमको  मारेंगे लात
  • HTML : Hyper Talkative Marketing Lover
  • ILU : I lure you
  • LCD : Low Capacity Dead
  • LM : Loan Money
  • MSC : Most Stupid Course
  • PHD : Permanent Head Damage
  • PM : Pocket Money
  • PTO : Potato Tomato Okra (आलू  टमाटर  भिन्डी )
  • RAM : Record Abolish Machine
  • RSVP : Reply Soon वर्ना  पिटोगे (Reply fast else you will be beaten)
  • SLR : Slow Lending Rate
  • VIP : Very Impotent Person
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    (By Anushka Suri)

    Funny One Liner Jokes

    Funny One Liner Jokes Collection

    Here are some funny one liner jokes for you :

    • Butter or jam put on bread, a married man is half dead.
    • Sing like a Koel and live like a king. Take a proper bath, let the phone ring!
    • One two three, a big old tree. Four five six, lice in hair pricks. Eight nine ten, I missed the train.
    • I love you sweetheart, I wish you had a brain as big as heart.
    • Grass is green and roses are red. Lets stop talking nonsense and go to bed!
    • A glass full of  lime soda with a little ice. Lets fix a trap for all the household mice!
    • You make my day nice and bright. You put my impression on my boss right. I can’t live without you – my shoe polish!
    • I have 10 fingers, 2 hands, 2 legs, 2 ears, 1 nose but brain is absent!
    • You give me 1 dollar and I give you 1 rupee. I have a standard unit system, I don’t believe in currency valuations you see!
    • When your wife, screams at you.. be patient to listen and say I love you.. When your wife bangs the door at you, be courteous and say I love you.. When your wife starts beating you, bear the beat and say my heart beats for you..
    • When in a marriage there are no wars, then you both are lucky stars!
    • Marriage is an art, the art of getting trained to maintain peace in the extreme circumstances while living with the biggest enemy!
    • Live life king size, have a burger and have french fries!
    • Where there is a will, there is a way. Life is a small hill, with monkeys all the way!
    • Have faith in yourself and have faith in others. These sentences do sound old, but are true in all weathers!

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