A Matter of 2 Chapatis

In a casual discussion with my friends at work, I concluded the ongoing discussion on greed for money by saying that it is a matter of two chapatis in the end. What I mean here is that anything we do here in this world – any job, any business or any act is to satisfy our basic physiological needs – food and thirst. While Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model does outline the increasing orders of human needs, I plan to justify basic needs of food here at the crux of everything we do.

It makes me wonder sometimes, how people who make good money, end up being obese due to their sedentary lifestyle and then join a fitness center or gym and a strict diet regime to shed those extra calories and get back in shape. The joy of enjoying extravagant food is lost when one is asked to have those 2 plain chapatis. May I ask, if having 2 chapatis can make you healthy, what is the point of getting obese, and then getting back in shape. Why not be wise enough to enjoy your 2 chapatis and stay healthy?

The same 2 chapatis motivate all of us to work so that we get access to at least 2 chapatis a day. Yet, our greed does not end there, and we often go beyond those 2 chapatis to accumulate what is undesirable. Look at diseases associated with obesity – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases – all of these could have been avoided, and when you are being treated for them – the physician again asks you to have those 2 chapatis.

What I really want to convey through this post is that while as a human, you are blessed to accumulate wealth and even enjoy it; please exercise caution in your actions. Whatever you do today has a profound impact on your tomorrow. Hence, if you stick to your 2 chapatis aka simple, healthy and balanced diet; you can enjoy a longer life in comparison to a rich life poisoned with excess of healthy or unhealthy food.

P.S. Chapati is equivalent to one piece of bread (for those with non-Indian origin)


You are your best friend

Life is certainly not a bed of roses. There are upheavals, no matter what you do. Whether you are down from depression due to a tragic event or illness; or you just had a heartbreak; the only person who can pull you out of your adverse situation is “you.” Yes, trust me on that.

Let me take few examples. Now, let us assume you just failed your exam, and it is the cause of your concern. When you go to others for help, the best advice you will hear from anyone, and almost everyone -“work hard, and you will make it.” Well, you may feel motivated to work hard, but the actual person or act that will change your situation will be “you” through “your efforts.” Unless “you” actually put in the hard work, nothing will change.

The next example which I would like to share is that of losing weight. A person who is obese is often bullied and given unwanted advice on losing weight. It can be annoying for the person, and depressing too; especially when things are not working out well. Here again, the only person who can really make a difference is “you.” Yes, only “you” can focus on your diet plans, and it is “you” whose conviction makes all the difference.

Lastly, the only difference between success and failure is your attitude towards a problem. One way of thinking about an issue is that it is complex and you must quit. Another point of view is to think through the problem, analyze the root cause, and then try to find a solution. Holding on to a positive attitude can make a lot of difference in your life. It is “you” who has to be brave enough to accept a challenge, and then work on ways to resolve it. Just running away from an issue never helps anyone.

Nature Loves Consistency


“Consistency is the key.” A statement, one often reverberates in the form of quotes and unquotes – all over social media, and cross-domain platforms. Consistency has great power to create results, and “certain results.” Our mother nature poses multiple examples of consistency which set high standards for consistency, and have been instrumental in creating exemplary results from an infinite time. Let me justify my statement citing few examples.

Observe the time patterns in nature. Our own planet earth has a repetitive pattern to rotate on its axis for 24 hours. Earth has been consistently rotating on its axis for 24 hours, since ages. That is consistency! We also have a fixed pattern of day and night. Day follows the night, and night follows the day. Has it ever happened that nature took a rest, and the sun did not show up for days, I mean the night never ended? Leave aside solar eclipse that hides the sun for a while. These events also do not break the consistent pattern. Once an eclipse is over, the sunlight is proportionate to time. Has it ever happened that a solar eclipse taking place at 8 am ended with an evening? No!

My next example for consistency comes from the human body. Our growth pattern – 9 months gestation period. It is by and large same for all human babies. You may argue with premature deliveries, but those kids then need special care. We have 206 bones in our body. All humans have 206 bones. Barring exceptions where they have 1 or 2 extra bones, all humans have 206 bones consistently. Look at human heart beat rate, it is an average of 72 beats per second. The heart is consistently beating to push blood flow in our body. When this consistency fails, we die. Life means moving on consistently, embracing and adapting to change. You are born without any teeth. Then your milk teeth start appearing. That is a change. You start crawling, and walking. You grow up, your body changes. However still, consistency continues. Humans have a set life cycle -birth–> baby –> toddler –> teenager –>adult —>middle age –>old age —> death. Has anyone been able to survive beyond 200 years? No. Birth and death are consistent rules of nature. What is born, has to die one day.

If I pick up law of science, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Human bodies can be considered as energy driven machines that are created for a limited period of time. The energy of a sperm and an ovum unite to create an embryo, and later a creature. All parts of human body are energy driven. Electric signals are used to transfer information from parts of brain to other human body parts such as heart. From where do we get energy to survive? From external environment – what we call food. We inhale multiple gases at the time of breathing, and exhale them after use. Oxygen being inhaled in majority, and carbon dioxide exhaled mainly. We also need to consume plants and animal foods for energy. Without a balance of gases in the environment, our own survival is threatened. Here too, consistency matters. We are consistently inhaling oxygen, and exhaling carbon dioxide. When this pattern breaks, we die.

Now when we evaluate actions of humans under the same lens of consistency principle, we can laugh at our stupidity, and weak potential. When I say we are stupid or weak, I compare our intelligence to mother nature, or the great creator of our universe. We are so inconsistent on multiple facets of our life, that we hardly achieve anything permanent. Let me give you an example. We are inconsistent in our thought pattern. One person may seem nice to us, and may turn out to be our enemy depending on our thought pattern, that may be the result of our perception, politics, or actions of the same person. We are unable to be consistent in our behavior. We do not have the patience of listening abusive words from fellow humans, and still maintaining our calm, to ensure consistent peaceful behavior. We are not consistent in speaking the truth. We may modify our speech to cope with the situation. Some of us are not consistent in following a healthy diet, that invites health related issues. A consistent fitness routine creates the best human bodies, and healthy humans; something which is well researched and documented.

In the end I would like to suggest that humans should observe natural phenomena with great patience and learn from mother nature. We must learn from trees – the art to tolerate, extreme weather conditions, and pain when we pluck flowers and fruits. We must learn from birds such as kingfisher – the key to focus or concentrate on an object. We must also understand that we humans do not have the capacity to unfold the mysteries of nature with our limited intellect. We are here to admire our nature, and undergo a journey for a limited time. This journey in space may have transcended several births, and life spans. The journey still continues in search for the ultimate truth.

A new year 2017 – fresh chapter begins

The new year 2017 has arrived with bands and bells, and it is time to conquer what was left unconquered in 2016. My new year’s eve was a disaster since my dad suffered severe gastritis followed by vomits and stomach ache the entire night. But, I did not curse the new year for this, and waited in anticipation for the sun to show up. The day started well with work coming up under my belt. Yes, work flow is important for a freelancer, and having spent half of 2016 in laziness, 2017 needs a forceful revival.

The year has kick started on a Sunday, and it has left a relaxed touch post hard party for many. I plan to pursue my professional goals as well as personal goals closely this year, and “change” is the new agenda for 2017. Change has been an inherent part of my growth, and I will embrace it even higher this year.

For me, 2017 means:

  1. Time to expand my web properties and enter into online and offline collaborations for revenue and traffic.
  2. Create my own book – novel, stories and poetry and publish it using Amazon.
  3. Pay attention to my physique and stay fit through out 2017
  4. Record my songs and create a youtube channel + promote my dad
  5. Get settled
  6. Read newspaper daily
  7. Read one book every month
  8. Attend at least one business event each month

That’s all for the time being, and I guess it is a lot on my plate.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2017.


This cat is different


If you have an amazing cat as your pet, you should be the happiest person on earth. Well, you can argue with me saying that all pets are amazing, and since cat is a pet, what is so overwhelming about my cat? My cat is different in many small ways. You will understand the disparities, as you read on.

The cat befriended me!

Firstly, all pet lovers usually befriend animals at their will, and then keep them as their pets. In my case, the cat befriended me instead! Yeah, you got it right. I never had the intention of attracting a cat as my home pet, but this browny creature arrived at my home one fine morning and had a nap at my sofa as if it was her home. I prefer addressing my cat as a female instead of “it.” Our first reaction was to scare the cat away, but it did not work. She did not react at all, and continued to sit on the sofa as if she was the boss! With time, we realised we should feed her, and our affair started with eggs and cheese.

Late night hang-outs!

Next amazing thing about my cat, whom we call “Katty” is that she comes to visit me at night. Yes, while all cats like to roam freely outside during the night, my cat loves to hangout with me in my bedroom at night. Actually, she saw the lights on one night, and since I usually work at night, she turns up late, knowing I will be awake.

We talk

Cats are loving pets. Katty likes to hug me and place her head on my lap. She interacts with me in her own “meow” language with different gestures – asking for food, milk, and an entry into my room.


Acting skills

And, she is a great actress as well! I remember the time Katty was having an affair with her boyfriend cat (male). She would care for him to an extent that she would make painful meow demanding food, and once the food was served, the male cat would have it. They recently had a break-up as the male cat started abusing her physically. We scared the male away, and Katty appreciated our help.

Serial rat killer

Katty extends her help to us by hunting for the rats in our house. She has murdered and eaten nearly half a dozen rats since the day we allowed her to roam inside the house for few hours. There have been situations when she lost the rat since it slipped out of her mouth, and she would look at me as if I could get her another rat. She even got upset once when I cleared off the rat’s dead body in her absence (she had killed the rat and gone for a walk).

That’s all from my pen (keyboard) tonight. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share it and post comments. Thanks for reading!


Motivational Poem – Long lonely night

It was a long lonely night

Everything seemed out of sight

Just then it came on right

And held me close so tight

It was a thought, a thought so bright

That transformed my darkness into light

I had the power to evade my plight

I had it all to win the fight

-Anushka Suri



Demonetization has bonded people

It was November 8th evening when I switched on the television to watch my favorite business news channel CNBC Awaz Samachar at 9pm IST. The program began with a sensational news that PM had announced the demonetization of INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes w.e.f midnight, less than 3 hours away, while I was hearing the news. SMS started popping in from opportunists such as Big Bazaar that decided to let people shop at their stores till midnight. Though, I am an honest tax payer, and have nothing to hide, the news still jolted me. It was because I hardly had any INR 100/50/20/10/5 notes, me being a big fan of INR 1000 note. My fancy for INR 1000 note came to an end with the sudden announcement. As days passed by, I started looking for INR 100 and other allowed denominations to manage my daily affairs. With every new announcements made now and then, I decided to try currency exchange at a nearby bank branch. I did succeed in the attempt, but all I got was INR 2000 notes. It was a fantastic feeling to see the pink currency for the first time, but hopes dwindled for its use was very unlikely in the cash crunched Indian market. After many trials and errors, my INR 2000 note got into business at Big Bazaar outlet for a bill of INR 500. I can still remember the feeling of gaining INR 100 notes and that too 15 together, it was awesome! I had never felt so rich before. I had been eyeing my favorite south Indian dosa at Kutty’s since the past 3 days, with failed attempts since they did not accept Paytm/card, and nor had a change of INR 2000. It was time to enjoy the fruits.

As weeks passed by, the struggle to deposit and withdraw cash from banks became tougher. One fine Monday morning I decided to give cash deposit and withdrawal a try. I reported at the bank branch sharp at 8:30am, though the bank’s opening time was 9:30 am. I was happy to see 40 people standing in the queue, earlier than me (it was expected)! So, the chit chat began. Some openly opposed the move and expressed their discomfort, while others said it was necessary. We discussed the loopholes, the economic impact, our profession, and plans, and so on.. The so called online social media addictive population started interacting offline. It was 10:30 am, after standing in the queue for around 2 hours when I gained entry into the bank. I managed to accomplish the task at hand, and returned home. All I lost was 3 hours of my time. I missed client messages in these hours, and could not respond to them on time due to connectivity issue. All I lost was some business which could have been saved, if there was no compulsion of going to the bank. However, I did not lose hope, and decided to make a comeback next week, to meet new people, and get some hard cash.

It was another Monday morning, and banks had reopened after two consecutive holidays. My family, friends and media constantly warned me about the expected rush. Discarding these attempts, I still decided to report to the bank, but at 8:00 am this time. As expected, I saw 20 people standing in the queue already. The discussions again started, this time about how black money was being seized, and what could be done next. We discussed about “when will our turn come,” and chances of getting INR 24,000 withdrawn in a cash crunched economy. Some of my fellow queue members heard that no more than INR  10,000 were issued the last Friday, and decided to fill the same amount on their cheque. After waiting for 3 hours, my turn came at 11:00am. On reaching the counter, I was told I could get INR 24000. On hearing this while I smiled, my queue friends began asking, “can we make a correction in the cheque please?” To this the bank official politely replied, “No sir, cutting is not allowed.” After collecting the money, and went back home like a warrior, who had won a victory!

One week has passed by as I approach the next Monday tomorrow. I do see long queues of people outside banks, ATMs and Big Bazaar. Yes, Big Bazaar has seen a large inflow of customers since they accept paytm, and debit cards for grocery shopping! My joy of shopping at Big Bazaar has become a struggle as well, but thanks to Profit club membership, I manage to surpass the queue there.

I do not know when this revolution/transformation of currency will end, but it has certainly been an eye opener, and an unforgettable experience. People have committed suicides, and tragic deaths have occurred while waiting in long bank queues. But, life goes on.

Spirituality is above Science


The inspiration for writing this post after a long time comes from an interaction with an acquaintance online. Well, I did narrate these facts and arguments to him, but sadly his ignorance overshadowed enlightenment. Let me brief you with what I wanted to say.

My first argument is – we are souls and not bodies. Well, to this my friend argued that we are bodies, and not souls. He even said that there is nothing called a soul. My answer to this was that if we are only bodies, and not souls, what goes to heaven and hell? It is a common sense logic, you see? If we are merely bodies, what is rebirth? Who takes a rebirth? After death, only body remains – that too decays, stagnates, and needs to be buried or burnt as per tradition. Conclusion: We are not bodies. Then what are we?  We are souls. Why do I say so? Scriptures say so. Science says so. My experience of meeting two medical graduates who remember their previous births, says so.

The next question he put was: there is nothing like God, and we have created Him for our support. Well, my answer is that God exists. Yes He does! Look at the nature around you. The way birds fly in the sky, the way each animal has a language, the way human child is born, and the way trees grow. There has to be some superpower governing all this? If you don’t think so, it is your innocence.

Lastly, human life has a goal. The goal is to explore spirituality, and not materialistic world. Who has been able to take all the wealth while dying, or enjoy life after death? World is important – have good health, eat good diet, and live well. But explore spirituality!

I am sorry, if you happen to be an atheist, and or you are offended by this post. I do not intend to initiate another discussion here!

Thanks for reading!

Nazi Gold – A Dangerous Gold Hunt

An excellent retreat for those who are fond of fiction and mystery at the same time. The author takes you through an exciting journey of treasure hunt with stones to be overturned at each step.

Available on Amazon

The novel Nazi Gold begins with an introduction to the life of central character Jack who is an ex-navy man. He is disturbed by the ill health of his sister and father, and constantly nagged by his wife for falling short of money. Jack does not lose the temper and the hope to set everything right someday.

His 85 year old father one day reveals to him a massive secret about Nazi Gold. The gold was lying hidden in a German region, unlikely to be discovered by anyone else so far. His father knew about it since he had discovered the gold at the time of World War II. His father conveys every possible information about Nazi gold bars to Jack, and persuades him to find that gold in order to improve his family’s condition.

The task seems herculean to Jack, but he thinks about it quietly and chalks a plan to get that gold. He assembles two friends to recover millions of dollars of worth of Nazi gold. The terrorists in the Middle East learn about this, and this makes the gold hunt even more intimidating. The novel covers this treasure hunt with shades of contrasting emotions in each chapter.

Read the novel, and rejoice the world of fiction.



Vote for your favourite CEO

CEOs hailing from India often become role models for budding entrepreneurs in the entire nation. There are times when the social media accounts of these popular personalities have a higher fan following than Bollywood celebrities. The reason is quite simple. CEOs have a high level of responsibilities in company operations. Every strategy executed by an organization is often the brainchild of its CEO. Whether one looks at Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn or Pepsi’s growth, CEOs have played a critical role in these developments. A CEO becomes the company’s face – both in good as well as bad times. How about a contest that shortlists India’s most loved CEO? Excited? Hang on.

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