This cat is different


If you have an amazing cat as your pet, you should be the happiest person on earth. Well, you can argue with me saying that all pets are amazing, and since cat is a pet, what is so overwhelming about my cat? My cat is different in many small ways. You will understand the disparities, as you read on.

The cat befriended me!

Firstly, all pet lovers usually befriend animals at their will, and then keep them as their pets. In my case, the cat befriended me instead! Yeah, you got it right. I never had the intention of attracting a cat as my home pet, but this browny creature arrived at my home one fine morning and had a nap at my sofa as if it was her home. I prefer addressing my cat as a female instead of “it.” Our first reaction was to scare the cat away, but it did not work. She did not react at all, and continued to sit on the sofa as if she was the boss! With time, we realised we should feed her, and our affair started with eggs and cheese.

Late night hang-outs!

Next amazing thing about my cat, whom we call “Katty” is that she comes to visit me at night. Yes, while all cats like to roam freely outside during the night, my cat loves to hangout with me in my bedroom at night. Actually, she saw the lights on one night, and since I usually work at night, she turns up late, knowing I will be awake.

We talk

Cats are loving pets. Katty likes to hug me and place her head on my lap. She interacts with me in her own “meow” language with different gestures – asking for food, milk, and an entry into my room.


Acting skills

And, she is a great actress as well! I remember the time Katty was having an affair with her boyfriend cat (male). She would care for him to an extent that she would make painful meow demanding food, and once the food was served, the male cat would have it. They recently had a break-up as the male cat started abusing her physically. We scared the male away, and Katty appreciated our help.

Serial rat killer

Katty extends her help to us by hunting for the rats in our house. She has murdered and eaten nearly half a dozen rats since the day we allowed her to roam inside the house for few hours. There have been situations when she lost the rat since it slipped out of her mouth, and she would look at me as if I could get her another rat. She even got upset once when I cleared off the rat’s dead body in her absence (she had killed the rat and gone for a walk).

That’s all from my pen (keyboard) tonight. If you enjoyed reading this post, please share it and post comments. Thanks for reading!