Happy New Year 2010

Wish all my readers a very happy new year! May this new year bring positive vibes for all of us.

Events assosciated with new year

Here is a list of events/things assosciated with new year :

  • New year parties and celebrations: Business season for hotels and restaurants, dance groups, film stars, singers, and other talented people to make money.


  • New year gifts: Personal gifts and corporate gifts both are often assosciated.


  • New year diary : Some of us would be already holding Diary 2010 in our hands while reading this!


  • New year Calendar : A nice calendar – can be wall calendar, pocket calendar or a table calendar in hard copy. It can also be a desktop calendar in pc/laptop.



  • Holidays!! : Yes how can we forget that! Most MNCs and schools are shut, so it is the time to enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please contribute  and comment.

Once again, wish you a happy new year 2010!!