Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him and Her

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Her :

My cute little pie, you don’t look that fat and its not a lie!

Be my valentine my girl, I promise to overlook lice in your curl!

You are the chocolate of my heart and burger on my plate. I wish to be your special mate!

You are the book on my table and as pretty as my horses in the stable.

You are my sugar, you are my choco pie. You wont find a better guy!

Funny Valentine SMS Ideas For Him :

You look so cute and you look so tall my dear. Will you be my valentine this year?

May the best shampoo clean your hair. Will you be my valentine oh dear?

You are my cute superstar. Will you be my valentine my dear?

You are the joy of my heart and the tune in my violin. Will you be my valentine?

You are the rose in the garden of my heart. Will you be my valentine sweetheart?

When you are around – Love Poem

When you are around

Time comes to a standstill

Without you around

Life seems an upside hill

When you are around

I am a partying bee

Without you around

I am a crying bee

When you are around

Life is a flowery bath

Without you around

Life is a muddy waste

When you are around

Birds sing a lovely song

Without you around

The days seem just too long

When you are around

I feel I am myself dear

Without you around

I cannot feel complete I swear

Friendship is in the air

This time I am writing too early on Friendship Day coming up in August.  Here is a poem dedicated to all my friends since I was born..

We held hands together

We had those loud fights

We used to go to terraces

To compete while flying kites

We tasted together junk food

We played games in neighbourhood

We shared books, we shared thoughts

We gave tough looks, we made paper boats

I wish I could be young again

So that we could play outside in the rain

I wish we could discover the past

Where there was no worry,  no pain.

(Composed by Anushka Suri)