A Visit to Dolls Museum

I got a chance to visit Dolls Museum today after about 20 years.  I had last gone there as a kid with my dad.  It was a very nice experience with 15 Rs ticket for an adult and 5 Rs ticket for an adult.  So I spent 15 Rs, got the ticket and presented it to the security guard at the entrance gate. The guard asked me not to take any snap inside the museum to which I agreed as I was not carrying a camera with me. The museum has a wide collection of dolls which showcase cultures from different parts of the world.

I was amazed and excited to see the following :

  • An artistic view of Lord Krishn sitting on the tree with clothes of all Gopis and while the Gopis were having bath in Yamuna river. The work was beautifully done and it seemed as if it was happening live there and then.
  • Another mindblowing scene was that of Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman alongwith Saint Vishwamitra guiding them to kill the demon Tadka. It was so beautifully done that I almost felt if the arrow would soon be released by the divine brothers to kill her (demon Taadka).
  • Beautiful Ram Darbaar was presented with all  divine powers taking blessings from Lord Ram and Sita Ji while Lord Hanuman Ji was sitting near lotus feet of  Ram Ji.
  • In Indonesia section, Lord Ram was seen killing Ravana.
  • Narsimha-avtaar, Baman Avtaar and other great divine avataars were seen.

The museum has an excellent collection of beautiful dolls and is a must visit place for kids and especially art lovers in Delhi.