I saw a little boy scanning dustbin in Delhi..

It was a routine day and I was heading back home from my office in Central Delhi. I saw a little boy scanning the municipal body installed dustbins and collecting some trash. I thought he might be hungry and therefore I went to him and asked why he was inspecting the garbage. To my surprise, he said that he was looking for a cardboard piece to play as a car. I was speechless for a few seconds and later after gathering some courage, I asked him if he was hungry. To this, he said he would like to have dal-chawal (pulses and rice). The shop however could not be located by us, and therefore we decided to buy a vegetable kulcha (kulcha is a kind of bread). I got the kulcha packed for him and asked him if he needed anything else. I even offered him an ice cream, but he instead wanted to have a chocolate.

We headed straight to a shop he assumed would be selling chocolate, but to our disappointment, the shopkeeper did not have any chocolates. I observed him walking barefoot and asked about his slippers and why he was not wearing them. To this, he replied he lost them recently. We then headed  to Bata store and got a pair of slippers. Our last resort was a chocolate for him and I found a shop in the metro station luckily. However, all chocolates were bigger and expensive, and therefore I got him a chocolate cake. I thought a cake would be more nutritious and healthier.

It was time to bid goodbye and the young boy thanked me for everything.

I did this to make the young boy believe that good people exist in this world.

If you want to make this world better, it all starts with you.