Hichki Movie Review

It was a pleasure to watch Hichki movie on Amazon Prime Video late night today. Well, the movie definitely is an attempt to bridge the gap between theoretical education prevalent in the Indian education system and the practical applications of the knowledge in real life scenario. Teacher Naina Mathur played by lead actress Rani Mukherji is a Tourette syndrome afflicted person. It is a neurological disorder which makes a person experience minute electrical shocks that result in absurd loud noise from time to time. Since Naina is one of those affected, her appointment as a teacher in school takes a lot of rejections to begin with. I am particularly inspired by the fact that Hichki is a perfect motivator for its audience.

Source: Amazon Prime Video

Here are some of the ways in which Hichki motivates me as an audience:

  1. Hichki supports people with disabilities since Naina in the movie is a person with speech disability – due to Tourette syndrome, and still is supported by her mother to lead a normal life. Her mother takes her stand, and even goes against her husband to support Naina.
  2. Hichki also supports people with poor economic backgrounds who might be struggling with the same issue when they get admissions in the top schools in India due to Right to Education quota system. The movie passes on a strong message that student behavior is the result of circumstances – family situation that students face at home. There is a need for teachers to develop higher sensitivity towards students.
  3. Another motivating factor in the movie is taking a stand for honesty and ethics. The students choose to write their papers honestly, and do not resort to cheating or using unfair means.

Overall, Hichki is a great entertainer, and a motivator with a message to keep working hard with ethics, and the fact that success can be attained with hard work.

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