Be a Good Memory for Others

It is yet another Monday morning, and I have not slept an entire night again. Well, I am not an insomniac, but excess of sleep since Friday has precipitated in another night full of thoughts, dreams and memories.  Memories, yes of my loved ones, and of my late mother. I jotted the below quote few minutes back on Facebook and this blog post seems quite connected with this one:memory

Your mother is the next important person other than your soul, and yes I say it after 8 years of harsh separation (the final one) from my mother. Today, when I visit my home kitchen early morning, and look at pieces of cut tomato leftover on the shelf (the remains of my cooking last night for dinner) and the fact that they are still there, I think of my mother. She was a dynamic cleaning agent who would not leave any piece of dirt lying on the same shelf until 2010. Mothers are naturally trained to teach kids to stay clean and healthy. I say that because I have closely observed a cat family, and the way a cat teaches its kids to clean their body, and other basic life skills. I owe a lot of what I am today to my late mother, and my dear father. My parents and my sibling (brother) have always supported me in everything I did, and continue to do so today. So, coming back to the quote again, learning from the demise of my mother and the fact that human body is transient, I do not see any intelligence in picking up petty fights with others, and then spending an entire life in taking a revenge thereon (typical of many bollywood movies where they show khandaani dushmani (rivalry that exists between various generations of enemies)). Life is too short to be spoiled with the menace of jealousy, enmity, hatred or anything else. Spread peace, and love with your entire heart!

Many of you may refute my point saying that we can’t love everyone, and there will be always competition. Yes, compete, but not at the cost of humanity, please! Be a fair player! Do ethical business. At the end of the long tunnel of life, death awaits all of us, and we will never be present to attend our funeral meeting! So, be a pleasant memory in the minds of fellow humans.

Nature Loves Consistency


“Consistency is the key.” A statement, one often reverberates in the form of quotes and unquotes – all over social media, and cross-domain platforms. Consistency has great power to create results, and “certain results.” Our mother nature poses multiple examples of consistency which set high standards for consistency, and have been instrumental in creating exemplary results from an infinite time. Let me justify my statement citing few examples.

Observe the time patterns in nature. Our own planet earth has a repetitive pattern to rotate on its axis for 24 hours. Earth has been consistently rotating on its axis for 24 hours, since ages. That is consistency! We also have a fixed pattern of day and night. Day follows the night, and night follows the day. Has it ever happened that nature took a rest, and the sun did not show up for days, I mean the night never ended? Leave aside solar eclipse that hides the sun for a while. These events also do not break the consistent pattern. Once an eclipse is over, the sunlight is proportionate to time. Has it ever happened that a solar eclipse taking place at 8 am ended with an evening? No!

My next example for consistency comes from the human body. Our growth pattern – 9 months gestation period. It is by and large same for all human babies. You may argue with premature deliveries, but those kids then need special care. We have 206 bones in our body. All humans have 206 bones. Barring exceptions where they have 1 or 2 extra bones, all humans have 206 bones consistently. Look at human heart beat rate, it is an average of 72 beats per second. The heart is consistently beating to push blood flow in our body. When this consistency fails, we die. Life means moving on consistently, embracing and adapting to change. You are born without any teeth. Then your milk teeth start appearing. That is a change. You start crawling, and walking. You grow up, your body changes. However still, consistency continues. Humans have a set life cycle -birth–> baby –> toddler –> teenager –>adult —>middle age –>old age —> death. Has anyone been able to survive beyond 200 years? No. Birth and death are consistent rules of nature. What is born, has to die one day.

If I pick up law of science, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Human bodies can be considered as energy driven machines that are created for a limited period of time. The energy of a sperm and an ovum unite to create an embryo, and later a creature. All parts of human body are energy driven. Electric signals are used to transfer information from parts of brain to other human body parts such as heart. From where do we get energy to survive? From external environment – what we call food. We inhale multiple gases at the time of breathing, and exhale them after use. Oxygen being inhaled in majority, and carbon dioxide exhaled mainly. We also need to consume plants and animal foods for energy. Without a balance of gases in the environment, our own survival is threatened. Here too, consistency matters. We are consistently inhaling oxygen, and exhaling carbon dioxide. When this pattern breaks, we die.

Now when we evaluate actions of humans under the same lens of consistency principle, we can laugh at our stupidity, and weak potential. When I say we are stupid or weak, I compare our intelligence to mother nature, or the great creator of our universe. We are so inconsistent on multiple facets of our life, that we hardly achieve anything permanent. Let me give you an example. We are inconsistent in our thought pattern. One person may seem nice to us, and may turn out to be our enemy depending on our thought pattern, that may be the result of our perception, politics, or actions of the same person. We are unable to be consistent in our behavior. We do not have the patience of listening abusive words from fellow humans, and still maintaining our calm, to ensure consistent peaceful behavior. We are not consistent in speaking the truth. We may modify our speech to cope with the situation. Some of us are not consistent in following a healthy diet, that invites health related issues. A consistent fitness routine creates the best human bodies, and healthy humans; something which is well researched and documented.

In the end I would like to suggest that humans should observe natural phenomena with great patience and learn from mother nature. We must learn from trees – the art to tolerate, extreme weather conditions, and pain when we pluck flowers and fruits. We must learn from birds such as kingfisher – the key to focus or concentrate on an object. We must also understand that we humans do not have the capacity to unfold the mysteries of nature with our limited intellect. We are here to admire our nature, and undergo a journey for a limited time. This journey in space may have transcended several births, and life spans. The journey still continues in search for the ultimate truth.

A Visit to Dolls Museum

I got a chance to visit Dolls Museum today after about 20 years.  I had last gone there as a kid with my dad.  It was a very nice experience with 15 Rs ticket for an adult and 5 Rs ticket for an adult.  So I spent 15 Rs, got the ticket and presented it to the security guard at the entrance gate. The guard asked me not to take any snap inside the museum to which I agreed as I was not carrying a camera with me. The museum has a wide collection of dolls which showcase cultures from different parts of the world.

I was amazed and excited to see the following :

  • An artistic view of Lord Krishn sitting on the tree with clothes of all Gopis and while the Gopis were having bath in Yamuna river. The work was beautifully done and it seemed as if it was happening live there and then.
  • Another mindblowing scene was that of Lord Ram and Lord Lakshman alongwith Saint Vishwamitra guiding them to kill the demon Tadka. It was so beautifully done that I almost felt if the arrow would soon be released by the divine brothers to kill her (demon Taadka).
  • Beautiful Ram Darbaar was presented with all  divine powers taking blessings from Lord Ram and Sita Ji while Lord Hanuman Ji was sitting near lotus feet of  Ram Ji.
  • In Indonesia section, Lord Ram was seen killing Ravana.
  • Narsimha-avtaar, Baman Avtaar and other great divine avataars were seen.

The museum has an excellent collection of beautiful dolls and is a must visit place for kids and especially art lovers in Delhi.

Hindi Doha Collection (Offbeat)

Santan ki waani suno…
Nitya karo gun kaan..
Antah Man sheetal kare..
Bhagaye andhkar agyaan.


Sant kahi tu hi saach hai.
So hi kah Ved ka gyaan..
To ku jaan ke baad na hai..
Koi shanka, koi agyaan..
Ek sant moh mil gayo..
Naam Kripalu kahaye…
Kahi Antah-karan sheetal karu.
De assu-an mala banaye..


Kou kah mandir mein rahu..
Kou kah mazjid mein jaan..
Sant kah ouu sab jagah milu..
Kan kan mein rah samaan..


By Anushka Suri

I want to be a loser

I want to be a loser.

I want to lose my ego.

I want to lose my pride.

I want to lose my selfishness.

I want to lose my lies.

I want to lose my greed.

I want to lose my anger.

I want to lose my unhappiness.

I want to lose my hatred.

I want to lose my irritability.

I want to lose my fear.



Has it ever happened with you?

Has it ever happened with you?

  • Your fast friend started avoiding you.
  • A mere joke became very serious.
  • There was a misunderstanding and you could not sort it out.
  • You could not confess that you love someone so much.
  • You were all prepared for your exam but still could not remember the answers.
  • The person whom you love does not love you.
  • People are mean and rude to you without any reason.
  • You are punished even if you are not at fault.
  • You give your best but it does not work.
  • People are so unforgiving to you.
  • You instantly connect with few people than with others.
  • When you are in trouble and your trust is broken by whom you trust the most.
  • You get support from where it is least expected.
  • You miss your mom but you do not have her with you.
  • You want to talk to a person but you cannot.
  • You fear that you may die.
  • You feel that no one loves you.
  • You want to love and be loved.
  • You postpone buying a stuff but you don’t get it later.
  • You buy a watch but it does not work.
  • People who gossip with you also gossip about you.
  • You let it go for other’s happiness.
  • Silence speaks louder than words.
  • You want to say sorry but no body listens.
  • You want to sleep but you are not able to.
  • You want to concentrate but you are not able to do that.

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Thanks for reading!

What matters the most?

It was a normal day today. Just recovering from poor health problems. Some other minor issues which bothered me, but fair enough I am still alive and I am able to write this post. I am thankful to God for this.  I am an unqualified philosopher I guess. It was just that I switched on the idiot box after a lot of time (1 week) and I was surprised looking at few advertisements promising people to make them richer and one of these said – be a crorepati and indirectly said stop thinking about small things.  So I want to ask you now, what matters to you the most in life? Is it fame, money, love, relationships, family, status, ego, crime, jealousy, power, luxury or health?

If you carefully look at advertisements, marketing efforts in newspapers, phone calls or any other media, people promise you : good health in the form of biscuits with high fiber, biscuits with high glucose – more energy, glucon d – instant energy, juices without preservatives, mutual fund companies want to promise you more profits/returns on your investments, retailers offer you festive discounts, film directors/actors offer you entertainment – so buy movie tickets!

You might feel, I am trying to be some saint or a person who wants to shed all worldly belongings, but it does not really matter to me what you are thinking about me as a person. What really matters is that what is it that you really want? Is it happiness which we all are chasing or is it these misconceptions which we are accepting as realities of life.

Let us look at education sector today. We spend a lot of time and money on imparting quality education to our kids. But we forget the role of moral education in creating good human beings. We should teach our kids about how they can set example for others. There is nothing wrong in being honest, being truthful to self and others, lending a helping hand to those in need, giving money to needy, being friends with a servant’s kid and many more small things which matter in the long run. When your kid turns into adult – he will be more forgiving towards others, he will be able to curb bad company, bad habits – smoking/drinking/drugs, he will be honest with you and will be a good person as a whole.  Along with good moral values, good stress handling capabilities can bring out the best in humans.  It is not abnormal to have stress, tension, be depressed. But what really matters in the end is how you deal with it.

It is important to present a positive picture in every situation. My Guru Mantra is  that whenever everything seems going negative,  just think about positive things in life and let the bad phase pass through.  Coming back to what matters the most to me in life? Well it is good health, peace of mind, happiness and love. Yes I love being loved and I love loving others. Some innocent people especially youngsters do not understand the depth of word love and simply misunderstand me when I say  “love”.  Love is not only about romance between lovers. Love is a feeling which can exist between friends, family, towards God (beyond understanding for some of you!), love towards nature, animals, hobbies etc.

So friends, next time you are lured by anything which offers you fast profits, fast money, or a big piece of wealth, please do think about what matters to you in your life. Everything in this materialistic world is temporary. A lot of you are frustrated reading this from me but it is a hard fact. Your body, your age, your breadth, your wealth, your family, your job, your status, your memory – everything you own today is temporary. So take wise decisions about what you do in this short life and how you and with whom you spend your life.

I guess you are already tired reading this and if you are saying I am wrong and you instead enjoyed reading this, then please post comments! Thanks for reading! 🙂



Mom You Are The Best

You got the most beautiful eyes in the world my mom..

The whole world is obsolete in front of  treasure of your love..

No body in this world has a lap as warm as yours..

No one can smile as beautifully as you do..

No one can understand me as well as you do..

No one can scold me or guide me the way you do..

And no one can make me as happy as you do..

With your captivating smile, warm hug and kindness..

Ma you are the best in this world..

You can be the person you always wanted to be

In the final chapter of the inspirational book, I found one of the most enlightening thoughts. It is about self-image.  In our life, we often keep on complaining I cannot be a good singer, I am bad at maths and many other things. But the fact is that we have not tried it sincerely and our thoughts have made us believe that we are bad at those tasks. So it is good that we decide to change ourselves for the better.

Step 1 : The first step towards being a better person is that you recognize your self-image. Talk to yourself – your abilities, your strengths and dare to break your barriers.

Step 2 : Trust yourself that you can change your self-image. Yes, if you make efforts you can be a better person today. Try doing something which you have always been denying and you will feel much better.

Step 3 : Decide which kind of person you would like to be. Whether you want to be like Saints, like famous scientists or other people. Choose the qualities you want to adapt – honesty, determination, humour etc

Step 4 : Write on a piece of paper what kind of person you want to become and read it daily.

Step 5 : Spend maximum time with the person which you want to become. Read his books, know about him and think about his qualities.

The Challenge

All you need to do is identify your self and just do it practically. Have faith in God. Be a good human being.

That’s all for today friends. Cheers!! 🙂






Try till you make it

Try till you make it and do not run away. Whatever may be your situation – joy or sorrow, profit or loss, just do not quit; go on and on. It was nice to know about examples of great people who failed a lot of time in their lives but chose not to lose hope. If you fail 10 times, try 11th time and you will win. Just be strong and determined like a tough mountain and you will succeed.

When things are going wrong, which they definitely will..

When the path to success seems full of tough tasks..

When money is less and debt is more..

And you want to smile, but you are grieving..

When care wants you to stop for a while..

Wait if its is important, but do not run away..

Life is full of twists and turns..

Each of us learn from life sometimes..

And few unsuccessful people sometimes lose heart..

But if they really wanted to win, would they have run away like that?

Never quit, even if your steps are slow..

May be you can meet success in the next turn..

Mostly the goal is nearer..

than it seems to a sad and wavering person..

Mostly the people who struggle run away when..

They are almost about to achieve it..

And they realize it too late..

When the night has already passed away..

That how close they were actually to the golden crown..

Success is hidden  just behind failure..

Just like clouds of doubt have shining edges..

And you can never tell, how close you really were..

It can be nearer as well although it appears farther..

So keep the fight on, when you are in difficult times..

When things seem better, you must not run away..

(Adapted from Lines to Live By from Clinton Hovel 1972)

That’s all from my side today! Cheers!! 🙂