The art of self discipline

It is very important to wind up tasks that are important whether you like to do it or not.  Yes, the art of self-discipline helps you stay organized and focussed towards your goals.

Where does discipline start from?

Self discipline starts right from school – reaching school on time, having lunch in lunch break. In job, the same discipline comes into play – reaching office on time and having lunch in lunch break. The catch is how one utilizes time after office is over. The same discipline helps sportsmen practice and win medals.

You can start discipline in subjects which are easy to monitor for you. Remember nothing in this world comes for free, neither success does. So how you want to spend your entire day depends on you. It is not possible to do all things in one go, but you can do few things at least!

Here are few tips :

1. When you get up in morning, spend 15 minutes thinking what you will wear today.

2. Develop the art of reading and writing.

3. Maintain notes and file your activities.

4. Be determined and work fast.

5. Keep a watch on your telephone calls.

6. Do not get into the details of everything.

7. Finish off important and tough things first.

8. Find out short cuts.

9. Always take breaks to avoid exertion.

10. Do not day-dream and take actions instead.

Do what you desire at any cost – leaving bad habits for example before it is too late.  It is better to work hard and succeed than to take chances and fail.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading! Cheers!! 🙂

Enthusiasm makes the difference

In yet another chapter of the inspirational book – “अपनी क्षमताओं को पहचानें – स्किप रॉस और कैरोल सी कार्लसन”, I read about the role of enthusiasm in one’s life. Yes, the enthusiasm with which little kinder garten kids ask questions and participate in various activities. It seems that with growing age, all of us have lost the enthusiasm(at least I felt so)!

The word enthusiasm is derived from Greek word enthios which means God resides within us and He creates enthusiasm within us.  When we are enthusiastic, it shows in how we work, talk or even walk!

So let us look at various steps to bring enthusiasm in one’s life :

  1. Do your homework well

Whenever we have to do any work on any subject – be it a simple example of visiting a place, we must get complete information about how to reach, tourist places, what to do, weather and much more to make our trip most enjoyable. Similarly, whenever we want to be enthusiastic about anything, first gather complete information and interest develops and we become enthusiastic.

2. Do every task with full enthusiasm

Our enthusiasm shows in every work we do.

  • Walking : An enthusiastic person walks fast and stands straight. If you bend your eyes and shoulders while walking, it indicates you are not enthusiastic.
  • Hand Shake : A proper hand shake is one which gently presses the hand. Whenever anyone takes your hand in both his hands, it shows the person respects you and you are special for the person.
  • Smile : Yes, smile wins half the battle. A person who keeps smiling becomes the point of attraction for others. We must smile as much as we can and I do not mean laughing or giggling at others. If you are in grief and do not have any reason to smile, try to generate a reason. Look at the mirror and practice for that perfect smile. Remember, smile is generated from within and later reflects on your face. A smiling face brings smile on face of others.
  • Voice : Be enthusiastic while you talk. People love talking to enthusiastic people – clients, colleagues, family, friends – all love enthusiastic talks.  If you are making a presentation on stage, move and cover the stage while you talk- this will make your presentation more interesting and you will be sounding and showing more enthusiasm in front of your audience.

3.  Be the messenger of some good news :

We all love to hear good news from others. So try to use what a fantastic day today, what a fantastic news, what a nice strategy and things like that in your routine and see the difference for yourself.

I found today’s chapter very enlightening and interesting and I hope you liked reading it. Cheers!! 🙂

Faith keeps you going

Faith is one of the most vital pillars of success.  It is important to trust yourself and also trust others. Whenever we apply ifs and but, we dilute the faith. If this happens, I shall win.  So the first step towards being successful is to have faith in yourself and remove doubts like if, then, but from your thoughts. If you will have faith on yourself, it will be easier for you to trust others and win trust of others.

So whatever you may do, do it with full faith and dedication – whether it is devotion (do not doubt whether God exists or not), war (do not doubt if you will win or lose) or an exam (do not doubt if paper will be tough).

Faith has so much power that Saint Meera was unaffected even after consuming poison, because she had firm faith in Lord Krishna.

So, have faith in all your actions and success will be yours! 🙂

Actions must be taken to turn dreams into reality

So far, I have read about thinking positive, being positive and how to stay positive and be successful. But taking actions is much more important than simply dreaming about success. Tomorrow does not actually exists. You must wipe off whatever work you can do today.

Working hard is the solution for many problems. An idle mind is very dangerous. Let us look at some of the positives of working :

  • If you are tense, work
  • If you are bored, work
  • If you want to be happy, work
  • If you want to achieve, work
  • If you fail, work
  • If you succeed, work
  • If you want to do something in life, work..

This does not mean that you don’t take care of your health while you work hard. Always remember to keep the balance. 🙂







Watch what you speak

We often speak without thinking what we are actually saying. We seldom keep a watch on how easily we say things which we actually fear and never really want to happen. In another chapter of the inspirational book, I have learnt that we should only and only say those things which we really want to happen. For example if you want to succeed in your business, never ever in your jokes, say that if you fail in your business or things like that. What ever we say or talk send a signal to our sub conscious mind and it increases the chances of converting the said words into truth.

The important lesson is that if you do not want to fall sick, then do not ever say that you will fall sick or you can fall sick only if and bla bla. Always say positive things even if things are not really going fine.

I shall be implementing this too in my life and I am sure results would be very positive. Amen.

Turn your dreams into reality

Dreams of those people come true, who dare to actually dream. If we want to achieve anything in life, be it buying a car, buying a home or living luxurious life, we must first dream about it. Visualization of goals in form of dreams multiplies the probability of achieving them.

The first step is to identify what exactly do you want to achieve in life. It is very important to define a goal for yourself. Moving on without any goal is like being a traveler who has lost his way in a desert.

Second step towards achieving anything in life, is to write your goals on paper. Writing these on paper further helps you .

Next step is to describe your goals. For example, if you want to buy a home. Then you should have a fair idea – type of home – plot or flat, size, color, area and loan schemes.

You can write 10 things you want to achieve in 2011 on a play card and read it day and night. This will help you in remembering and focusing on your goals.

Your choices reflect and affect you

In yet another chapter of the inspirational book, I found this principle that whatever we do, whatever we talk, our company of people, our food, music we feed our ears with, programs which we watch on TV and many other things we usually do, have a powerful impact on us.

If we listen to soft classical or inspirational or devotional music, it will have a healthy impact on us. On the other hand, if we listen to loud rock music, it will also impact us in a negative sense.

If we are in the company of positive people and those who praise us, motivate us; we will definitely be much happier than with those who are continuously sarcastic and negative thinkers.

The author of the book says that we should shun the company of those people who always talk negative and be friends with successful and happy people. This will have a positive impact on us and we will be able to do much better than we are doing in the present time.

The power of giving

Another lesson from the inspirational book emphasized on the importance of giving. Yes, the more we give, the more we get. But the caution is that you should never give with the intention of getting else both, the charm and the fun get lost. The principle is simple and although, I have not really tried this on myself, works in the following way. If you sow maize, you will reap corn in harvest and you cannot get rice at all! Similarly, if you spend most of your time in criticizing and pointing out mistakes of others, you can expect the same to come back to you in some other form. Here comes the role of positive energy in the form of praiseworthy words for others, appreciating others, accepting and thanking others if they praise you and ignoring faults of others.

If we practice this one simple principle of only and only seeing positives in others and only appreciating them and if we pledge that we would not criticize others for 90 days, we will find a change in behavior of others around us. We shall be living a much satisfied and happier life in a relaxed environment.

I agree with this theory and intend to practice it in 2011. How about you?

Yes, you can do it

Just read another chapter of an inspirational book which taught me that how ignorant we are towards our capabilities sometimes. Often, we ignore the voice of our inner conscience or sixth sense and take decisions which we regret later. History has examples of great people who did things differently, but what was common in all of them was that they believed they could do it. Einstein would not have been able to invent electric bulb 100th time, had he quit with all 99 failure attempts.

The power to believe that you are no less competent than all successful people alive can take you much higher in the ladder of leading a successful life. You must have gone through life threatening experiences such as escaping a snake bite, surviving an air crash and many such incidents where your quick actions at lightening speed saved your life. Do you consider these as mere coincidences or do you thank God that you could survive?

The answer to questions such as “If he can do it, why not me?” is fairly simple. Just believe that you can do it and you will notice yourself accepting challenges and banking on your capabilities.

That is all from my side for today. Have a great life ahead and remember you can do it. 🙂

Nothing succeeds like success..

Nothing succeeds like success. I chose to write on this as I am reading an inspirational book these days; thanks to Delhi Public Library near office place. I would not reveal the name of the book at this stage, but yes definitely it is one of the best motivational books I have read so far. What’s even more entertaining is that the book is purely in Hindi (translation of foreign author); thus helping me brush up my mother tongue even better.

I have thought about specific goals for 2011 which will help me work on my routine to make my life more meaningful and focussed.

Lately I have realized that it is not only important to notice 99 negative things associated with an event, but equally important to make it compulsive to think positive with 1 positive association. Life is very small – for some it is matter of hours (new born mortality), few for 10 years and even if you live for 200 years, you still have to leave this materialistic world one day. There is no human on earth who shall not face death.

Thus it is important to understand what success actually means for us. For few people, success means being a billionaire, for few spending time with family, for few it is being able to spend a luxurious life and for few people it is being in the state of relaxation aka happiness.

For me, success has many dimensions. Success to me is :
Being able to keep a smile on one’s face even in the worst crisis
Being able to do some positive work daily
Being able to excel in both personal and professional life i.e. perfect work life balance
Being able to earn enough money to meet one’s needs
Being able to live life gracefully
Being able to connect with close friends
Being able to cook every Chapati with same size and quality 🙂

So in case you are depressed about not being able to get something, think again, do you actually deserve it?

Yes, we are only responsible for what we get or for our present situation. This statement initially appeared odd to me too, but after deep analysis, I am convinced that it is true.

So with these notes, I am ending this post and on a positive note : Find that one reason to be happy rather than 1000 reasons to remain unhappy.

Cheers!! 🙂