Yes, you can do it

Just read another chapter of an inspirational book which taught me that how ignorant we are towards our capabilities sometimes. Often, we ignore the voice of our inner conscience or sixth sense and take decisions which we regret later. History has examples of great people who did things differently, but what was common in all of them was that they believed they could do it. Einstein would not have been able to invent electric bulb 100th time, had he quit with all 99 failure attempts.

The power to believe that you are no less competent than all successful people alive can take you much higher in the ladder of leading a successful life. You must have gone through life threatening experiences such as escaping a snake bite, surviving an air crash and many such incidents where your quick actions at lightening speed saved your life. Do you consider these as mere coincidences or do you thank God that you could survive?

The answer to questions such as “If he can do it, why not me?” is fairly simple. Just believe that you can do it and you will notice yourself accepting challenges and banking on your capabilities.

That is all from my side for today. Have a great life ahead and remember you can do it. 🙂

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