Nothing succeeds like success..

Nothing succeeds like success. I chose to write on this as I am reading an inspirational book these days; thanks to Delhi Public Library near office place. I would not reveal the name of the book at this stage, but yes definitely it is one of the best motivational books I have read so far. What’s even more entertaining is that the book is purely in Hindi (translation of foreign author); thus helping me brush up my mother tongue even better.

I have thought about specific goals for 2011 which will help me work on my routine to make my life more meaningful and focussed.

Lately I have realized that it is not only important to notice 99 negative things associated with an event, but equally important to make it compulsive to think positive with 1 positive association. Life is very small – for some it is matter of hours (new born mortality), few for 10 years and even if you live for 200 years, you still have to leave this materialistic world one day. There is no human on earth who shall not face death.

Thus it is important to understand what success actually means for us. For few people, success means being a billionaire, for few spending time with family, for few it is being able to spend a luxurious life and for few people it is being in the state of relaxation aka happiness.

For me, success has many dimensions. Success to me is :
Being able to keep a smile on one’s face even in the worst crisis
Being able to do some positive work daily
Being able to excel in both personal and professional life i.e. perfect work life balance
Being able to earn enough money to meet one’s needs
Being able to live life gracefully
Being able to connect with close friends
Being able to cook every Chapati with same size and quality 🙂

So in case you are depressed about not being able to get something, think again, do you actually deserve it?

Yes, we are only responsible for what we get or for our present situation. This statement initially appeared odd to me too, but after deep analysis, I am convinced that it is true.

So with these notes, I am ending this post and on a positive note : Find that one reason to be happy rather than 1000 reasons to remain unhappy.

Cheers!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nothing succeeds like success..

  1. thanks for sharing your ideas on success, and really if someone can ‘Being able to cook every Chapati with same size and quality’ then he may master other things too well. Sometimes I feel, if you master your routine you’re successful. You may have noticed many people who go by their routine in a negative manner.

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