Last 12 months in a jiffy

My blog completes one year today and a lot of things have changed in these 12 months. My life has changed completely and I am a much mature person today. I have seen both highs and lows in these 12 months and have identified my true friends in the course.
This post is to specially thank my loved ones – my family and my friends without whose support I would not have been able to write this post.
So here I go in my poetic style :

Din beete, beet beet ke saal hue..
Sardi garmi barish, sab mein hum behaal hue..
Kuch log hassa ke gaye.. kuch ankhein kar lal gaye..
Unche neeche ke is khel mein, 12 mahine saal hue..
Jab unchayi ayi to mendak ake sang baith gaye..
Barish ke ate hi mendak uchal ke us par hue..
Is saare khel mein, gulabi neele laal hue..
Par ab nayi subah hai ayi..humne ab ye jana hai..
Kauwo ki is bheed mein.. hanso ko pehchana hai..
Moti jaisa ye jeevan pa kar hum dhanwan hue..
Din beete, beet beet ke saal hue..

Thoda complicated hai as usual.. :p

N hey Merry Xmas to all.. 🙂

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