A new year 2017 – fresh chapter begins

The new year 2017 has arrived with bands and bells, and it is time to conquer what was left unconquered in 2016. My new year’s eve was a disaster since my dad suffered severe gastritis followed by vomits and stomach ache the entire night. But, I did not curse the new year for this, and waited in anticipation for the sun to show up. The day started well with work coming up under my belt. Yes, work flow is important for a freelancer, and having spent half of 2016 in laziness, 2017 needs a forceful revival.

The year has kick started on a Sunday, and it has left a relaxed touch post hard party for many. I plan to pursue my professional goals as well as personal goals closely this year, and “change” is the new agenda for 2017. Change has been an inherent part of my growth, and I will embrace it even higher this year.

For me, 2017 means:

  1. Time to expand my web properties and enter into online and offline collaborations for revenue and traffic.
  2. Create my own book – novel, stories and poetry and publish it using Amazon.
  3. Pay attention to my physique and stay fit through out 2017
  4. Record my songs and create a youtube channel + promote my dad
  5. Get settled
  6. Read newspaper daily
  7. Read one book every month
  8. Attend at least one business event each month

That’s all for the time being, and I guess it is a lot on my plate.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2017.


Motivational Poem – Long lonely night

It was a long lonely night

Everything seemed out of sight

Just then it came on right

And held me close so tight

It was a thought, a thought so bright

That transformed my darkness into light

I had the power to evade my plight

I had it all to win the fight

-Anushka Suri



Demonetization has bonded people

It was November 8th evening when I switched on the television to watch my favorite business news channel CNBC Awaz Samachar at 9pm IST. The program began with a sensational news that PM had announced the demonetization of INR 500 and INR 1000 currency notes w.e.f midnight, less than 3 hours away, while I was hearing the news. SMS started popping in from opportunists such as Big Bazaar that decided to let people shop at their stores till midnight. Though, I am an honest tax payer, and have nothing to hide, the news still jolted me. It was because I hardly had any INR 100/50/20/10/5 notes, me being a big fan of INR 1000 note. My fancy for INR 1000 note came to an end with the sudden announcement. As days passed by, I started looking for INR 100 and other allowed denominations to manage my daily affairs. With every new announcements made now and then, I decided to try currency exchange at a nearby bank branch. I did succeed in the attempt, but all I got was INR 2000 notes. It was a fantastic feeling to see the pink currency for the first time, but hopes dwindled for its use was very unlikely in the cash crunched Indian market. After many trials and errors, my INR 2000 note got into business at Big Bazaar outlet for a bill of INR 500. I can still remember the feeling of gaining INR 100 notes and that too 15 together, it was awesome! I had never felt so rich before. I had been eyeing my favorite south Indian dosa at Kutty’s since the past 3 days, with failed attempts since they did not accept Paytm/card, and nor had a change of INR 2000. It was time to enjoy the fruits.

As weeks passed by, the struggle to deposit and withdraw cash from banks became tougher. One fine Monday morning I decided to give cash deposit and withdrawal a try. I reported at the bank branch sharp at 8:30am, though the bank’s opening time was 9:30 am. I was happy to see 40 people standing in the queue, earlier than me (it was expected)! So, the chit chat began. Some openly opposed the move and expressed their discomfort, while others said it was necessary. We discussed the loopholes, the economic impact, our profession, and plans, and so on.. The so called online social media addictive population started interacting offline. It was 10:30 am, after standing in the queue for around 2 hours when I gained entry into the bank. I managed to accomplish the task at hand, and returned home. All I lost was 3 hours of my time. I missed client messages in these hours, and could not respond to them on time due to connectivity issue. All I lost was some business which could have been saved, if there was no compulsion of going to the bank. However, I did not lose hope, and decided to make a comeback next week, to meet new people, and get some hard cash.

It was another Monday morning, and banks had reopened after two consecutive holidays. My family, friends and media constantly warned me about the expected rush. Discarding these attempts, I still decided to report to the bank, but at 8:00 am this time. As expected, I saw 20 people standing in the queue already. The discussions again started, this time about how black money was being seized, and what could be done next. We discussed about “when will our turn come,” and chances of getting INR 24,000 withdrawn in a cash crunched economy. Some of my fellow queue members heard that no more than INR  10,000 were issued the last Friday, and decided to fill the same amount on their cheque. After waiting for 3 hours, my turn came at 11:00am. On reaching the counter, I was told I could get INR 24000. On hearing this while I smiled, my queue friends began asking, “can we make a correction in the cheque please?” To this the bank official politely replied, “No sir, cutting is not allowed.” After collecting the money, and went back home like a warrior, who had won a victory!

One week has passed by as I approach the next Monday tomorrow. I do see long queues of people outside banks, ATMs and Big Bazaar. Yes, Big Bazaar has seen a large inflow of customers since they accept paytm, and debit cards for grocery shopping! My joy of shopping at Big Bazaar has become a struggle as well, but thanks to Profit club membership, I manage to surpass the queue there.

I do not know when this revolution/transformation of currency will end, but it has certainly been an eye opener, and an unforgettable experience. People have committed suicides, and tragic deaths have occurred while waiting in long bank queues. But, life goes on.

Nazi Gold – A Dangerous Gold Hunt

An excellent retreat for those who are fond of fiction and mystery at the same time. The author takes you through an exciting journey of treasure hunt with stones to be overturned at each step.

Available on Amazon

The novel Nazi Gold begins with an introduction to the life of central character Jack who is an ex-navy man. He is disturbed by the ill health of his sister and father, and constantly nagged by his wife for falling short of money. Jack does not lose the temper and the hope to set everything right someday.

His 85 year old father one day reveals to him a massive secret about Nazi Gold. The gold was lying hidden in a German region, unlikely to be discovered by anyone else so far. His father knew about it since he had discovered the gold at the time of World War II. His father conveys every possible information about Nazi gold bars to Jack, and persuades him to find that gold in order to improve his family’s condition.

The task seems herculean to Jack, but he thinks about it quietly and chalks a plan to get that gold. He assembles two friends to recover millions of dollars of worth of Nazi gold. The terrorists in the Middle East learn about this, and this makes the gold hunt even more intimidating. The novel covers this treasure hunt with shades of contrasting emotions in each chapter.

Read the novel, and rejoice the world of fiction.



Vote for your favourite CEO

CEOs hailing from India often become role models for budding entrepreneurs in the entire nation. There are times when the social media accounts of these popular personalities have a higher fan following than Bollywood celebrities. The reason is quite simple. CEOs have a high level of responsibilities in company operations. Every strategy executed by an organization is often the brainchild of its CEO. Whether one looks at Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn or Pepsi’s growth, CEOs have played a critical role in these developments. A CEO becomes the company’s face – both in good as well as bad times. How about a contest that shortlists India’s most loved CEO? Excited? Hang on.

#IndiasMostLovedCEO contest has been recently launched with the objective of felicitating India’s most popular CEO, CEO loved by majority of us. The best part is that anyone can nominate their favourite CEO for the contest or if the personality is already on the list, you can vote for them. The participants of #IndiasMostLovedCEO contests also become winners. How? Well, all participants stand a chance to be featured on the contest website and win exciting prizes such as Moto G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers. Is it not exciting? Well, I am all set to nominate my favourite entry for the contest. Are you?

Hurry up, and cast your vote. It is your chance to see the most respected and deserving face in the list of India’s most loved CEOs. Whether the person executed a great turnaround strategy or made India shining on the world map, you can make a wise choice and let the entire nation talk about it. So what are you waiting for? Log on to http://indiasmostlovedceo.com/ and nominate your favourite CEO. It is the most exciting contest starring business decision makers. Get going!

Who is India’s Most Loved CEO?

CEOs are often in limelight due to the criticality of their role in company operations. Some acts of CEOs are well appreciated, while others are criticized when not in tandem with company’s strategies. But can a CEO be truly loved by one and all in India? Can such a personality exist who is loved by his team members as well as by the entire nation?

The stories of most popular CEOs include names such as Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, RBI’s Raghuram Rajan and Pepsi’s Arundhati Roy. People have a great fan following for personalities such as Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal as well. It is time to choose your favourite CEO and award them for their accomplishments.

#IndiasMostLovedCEO contest has been launched in order to find out India’s most loved CEO. The rules of the contest are quite simple. You need to nominate your favourite CEO for the contest or vote for your favourite CEO. The game will turn quite exciting when CEOs from all over India will compete with each other for the title of #IndiasMostLovedCEO.

And, that’s not all! All participants get a chance to be featured on the website and win exciting merchandize such as Moto G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers! As of now there are 30 participant CEOs in the contest, but don’t worry if you can’t spot your favourite CEO on the list. Nominate him or her and brag about it in social media. Who knows, your CEO may become India’s most loved CEO this year!

While the title of India’s most loved CEO might be conferred upon the most popular personality, all the nominated CEOs in the list are winners already. You may judge a CEO on the basis of their company results or their strategies, but if they are successful, they are the best.

How can failures and rejection help you?

Success and failure are two different sides of the same coin. Consistent efforts by individuals in a planned manner may result in success. In certain circumstances, one may have to face a failure in spite of putting in all the efforts, or in cases when there is lack of adequate planning on one’s part. The important part is to continue one’s learning from failures and rejection. If one does not end up in learning a lesson from past experiences, the person may not be able to make much progress in life. On the other hand, enthusiastic individuals who see failure or rejection essentially as a learning experience are more likely to stay focused and successful in their life.

There is nothing wrong to fail or get rejected in life. It happens with all of us at some point in our life. The key here is to admit that we failed or we are rejected, understand the reason, and work on correcting the problem. Merely complaining or mourning about our failures or rejections does not do any help.

Let us understand various ways in which a failure or rejection helps us:

  1. Understanding our weaknesses:

Have you ever thought that why you failed or faced rejection in a particular situation? We often tend to blame others for our failures or rejection, but do not look within ourselves for our weaknesses. At a time when you fail or face rejection, you must think for a while and analyze what went wrong. Could something be improvised? Do you need to modify your behavior? Have you been doing something wrong? Trust me, doing a self-analysis after a failure can help you understand your shortcomings and how you can address them effectively.

2. Taking feedback:

Well, sometimes we habitually oversee our weaknesses and consider ourselves perfect in all we do. At this time, we need an honest friend who may be a team member, a supervisor or a client, someone who can pinpoint our weaknesses. One has to be courageous to accept feedback from others as no one likes his or her criticism. The more feedback you take, the better your chances of improving upon your limitations

3. Taking action:

When you have done all your self-analysis and taken substantial feedback from others, you now need to create a self-improvement plan. A self-development plan includes actions which can help you overcome your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths.

For example, for someone who has just faced rejection in a corporate interview, the first step is to critically analyze the reasons for the same. On doing a self-analysis, one may think that either qualifications, experience or communication skills have been an issue. But on getting feedback from the employer as well as professional contacts, one can learn about individual limitations. The final step is then to create a plan for self-improvement.

The conclusion of the story is that you cannot simply continue to be melancholic about your past failures or rejections. You need to stand up again, identify and work on your weaknesses, and bounce back.



Tips for Being a Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is about creativity, enthusiasm and desire to succeed. It is not something related to gender. Any man or woman who has the necessary motivation and hunger for innovation can make a good entrepreneur. Having said that, women entrepreneurs are making headlines with a lot of businesses successfully run by them all over the world. Be it Arianna Huffington, the icon behind Huffington Post or Yang Lan, co-founder, Sun Media; women entrepreneurs are on the top. All this makes one wonder, “What makes a successful woman entrepreneur?” Let us focus on solving this important puzzle – How to be a successful woman entrepreneur?

Being a successful woman entrepreneur is not a one day job. It demands consistent efforts at every stage of business development – right from initial stage till you are making profits, and even after that. Ask any business entrepreneur – men or women, they would agree.

Let us look at some ideas which can make one a successful woman entrepreneur:

Tip 1: Great women have great ideas

Ideas empower dreams, and the same dreams empower entrepreneurship. Spend a minute recalling some of the most influential inventions in human history – the invention of an electric bulb, an aero plane, a television or a mobile, they all began with an idea. Well, ideas themselves originate from a core issue – a problem. Great businesses solve a problem. If your business is not solving a problem, you have an issue with your business. Not convinced? Hang on. Tell me one thing, what is the utility of an electric bulb? It helps you evade darkness at night when the sun is not visible. What is the problem here? It was difficult and scary to spend nights in the dark, and the moonlight was not bright enough. Got the idea? So, great entrepreneurs have great ideas. These ideas solve problems.

Tip 2: Successful women are great leaders

Leadership is about one’s ability to convince and lead a group to work towards a common goal. What is the goal here? It is business success. So, in other words, successful women entrepreneurs have the potential of motivating and leading others towards their business goals. Leadership is not only about directing followers to work towards a common goal. It is also about empowering and supporting your team members in reaching a common objective. Effective leadership demands extensive levels of perseverance, empathy, motivation, communication and integrity. You can search for stories of any successful business leader. You will discover that they have been great leaders.

Tip 3: Have your communication clear

Communication is about expressing your thoughts clearly while ensuring that your message is loud and clear. Effective communication demands the composition and transfer of a clear message from the sender to the receiver. Communication may include written, verbal and non-verbal communication. A well drafted written communication needs to include clear instructions that avoid any kind of ambiguity. For example, an email from a leader to her employees should clearly specify the actions to be initiated, rather than presenting them with multiple, confusing alternatives. Similarly, an effective verbal communication emphasizes on clear and loud speech. Non-verbal communication includes the body posture and facial expressions which can send a lot of signals to employees.

Tip 4: Empower others

Successful entrepreneurship is about empowering others. You cannot make it to the zenith alone. A successful business venture is the result of a collective team work. Great women entrepreneurs know the art of empowering others and let them take charge. It has a contagious impact on team creativity and productivity, both reaching their optimum levels. Empowered team members think differently and execute exceptional strategies that are often winning.

Tip 5: Good project managers

Successful entrepreneurship needs effective project management skills. For an emerging business tycoon, every single task is a critical project. Each of these small projects together add to the milestone of business success. Unless, each individual tasks in a project are well-planned and executed, you cannot see results. Exceptional women entrepreneurs lay a lot of emphasis on project management skills. They ensure that all planned tasks are completed well on time and within the decided budget. Imagine, if a business ends up spending 200% on its advertising instead of the allocated budget of 100%! With financials gone wrong, business plan will suffer. A well-executed business strategy ensures planned results.

Tip 6: Stay motivated

The level of motivation of a woman entrepreneur can have a drastic impact on her business idea and its execution. Right from the initial stage when you pitch your business ideas to others, to its final execution, you need to know the trick to handle your critics. There will be a handful of people who will discourage you or find faults in your idea or approach. The key here is to stay open to critics- after all they are reviewing your products or services for free. You can always enhance your offerings after listening to what your critics say. Trust me, it really helps.

Tip 7: Take action

The last but not the least, any successful business venture thrives on its timely execution. You may have a business idea in mind, but if you do not make it real, someone else may do it before you. Yes, it does happen. You see a problem, and think about a solution. You keep pondering about it, without discussing it with anyone or taking any action. It may take a while, but you see a venture come up, solving the same problem! So, the key to being a successful entrepreneur is to take action to realize your dreams. Successful entrepreneurs are also quick at delegating responsibilities. It is essential as well. Unless people working with you have a clear idea about what they are supposed to do, they cannot perform!

Entrepreneurship is a full time passion. It is not a matter of few hours, days or months. Those who stay consistent and keep learning scale the curve and set an example for others. I hope that these tips were helpful for you.




Working online on trust basis can land you in fraud

Some articles I wrote for a client and did not get paid:

A trip to Marble Falls, Texas

It was a long weekend last month, and me and my husband decided to take our kids on a road trip to Marble Falls, Texas. We were tight on our budget, and this short trip could entertain our kids, and save us some money. As kids, I and my husband had enjoyed driving to Texas’s “Farm to Market roads” to simply have a look at the countryside farming.

Our trip to Marble Falls began with a brunch at one of the less-popular traditional Zagat-praised café 909. Each chef at the café would carefully select an animal for food and then prepare dishes for us. I would say that it was a unique experience for my kids and family, since we were used to having hamburgers and pizzas back home. The whole idea of designing dishes on a single animal seemed unique to my kids, who rejoiced each dish prepared by the chef. Some of the innovative food materials used by the chef such as goat meat and Gulf redfish made my kids more excited.

We later headed for shopping and sightseeing at the street which was equally enjoyable for us. Sculpture on Main which showcased 37 spectacular sculptures was a mesmerizing visual experience for our family. My kids loved asking questions about these art forms and we even clicked family pictures around these objects. We later headed for a light water play at Lake LBJ and Lake Travis. After enjoying for some time at the lakes, we took our kids to Sweet Farm to let them choose their own berries and veggies. It was a thrilling experience for young ones.

Later exhausted, we stopped by Inman’s Ranch House Barbecue to try Turkey sausage. We decided to end our trip by trying an international dish – Marble Fall’s Innocent Chocolate. Decorated with nuts and fruits, the chilled delicacy stole our hearts forever. It was late evening, and just our time to head back home. It was a great weekend since kids enjoyed the experience and we too.

Buy Wow Gold at Raiditem.com

Games have been one of the prime avenues of entertainment for humans. They started as traditional leisure plays, and have undergone a substantial transformation in their character with technological advances in human society. In the current tech age, a large number of games that involve highly complex virtual activities with the capability to engage as well as challenge human intelligence have emerged. A lot of buzz surrounds the domain of online games which take one from the real world into an imaginary kingdom of gamification era. Online game ninjas enjoy the experience and rejoice with each new innovation in the online gaming segment.

Being an online game enthusiast myself, I keep searching for attractive options to satisfy my desire of making progress in the online gaming levels. One of my closest passions has been related to WOW gold. I have been closely following the game since the past 10 years, and I would say, each new version of WOW is a new bundle of joy. Before I get on to my experience of buying WOW gold at Raiditem.com, let us recollect some history of World of Warcraft (WOW).

World of Warcraft (WOW)

World of Warcraft (WOW) is a popular multiple player online game which was released in the year 2004 by Bizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth number of the released game set from the house of fantasy Warcraft Universe which was introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in the year 1994. With the highest sale of 12 million successful subscriptions in the year 2010 and reported 5.5 million game subscriptions in 2015, WOW has certainly created a log fan following. WOW today remains the world’s highest subscribed multiple player online role playing game (MPORPG). The game has a Guinness World Record in its name for being the most popular MPORG in terms of subscribers’ strength.

WOW has an online character called avatar which players control in the third person game views. The character has an adventurous path including the exploration of landscapes, fighting monsters, and interacting with other characters placed by other players. The world of WOW is no less complicated than the nuances of the real world where exchange of goods shape business. In WOW too, characters interact with their external environment and other characters, and accomplish their goals. WOW is essentially meant for the strategists who can plan their course of action, and negotiate gains, and business exchange, much like our society.

A lot of facilities are available for characters when they live in virtual towns and cities. In each of their virtual cities, each character has the option of accessing a bank to deposit items such as treasure of crafted items. Each character can enhance its bank storage by buying additional space with the help of in game gold. Guild banks are available for players to buy various items such as gold. Auction houses are also available for players to buy and sell items in their virtual gaming environment, much like we have Amazon and EBay in the real world.

The business model of WOW asks for a subscription payment. Players have the option of buying prepaid game cards for a certain amount of time, or use their debit or credit cards on a continuous basis. In 2015, a new subscription method was introduced allowing players to spend real money on a 30 day game time token which could be sold on the auction house for in game gold, the game’s internal currency. Soon after the launch of this new subscription model, a token was sold for 30,000 gold and 1 day later for 20,000 gold. The token auction model is highly dynamic depending on the price the various players are willing to pay for the WOW Gold. With the growing popularity of WOW game, the sale of virtual gold has even started with real world companies. A new concept of gold farming has emerged which auctions gold and in game items for financial profits. Not to miss, the model has clicked well with online game enthusiasts.

How does Raiditem.com make a difference?

Buying WOW gold is not easy. After the increment in the number of free game trial accounts, a substantial rise in the number of spam bot controlled accounts selling these services has been seen. I have myself struggled dealing with many such companies that keep spamming you to buy their service. Additionally, there have been cases of WOW gold being expensive on some sites, in comparison to the others. A lot of controversies surround the sale of WOW gold, including origins of sold gold from hacked accounts. In the middle of so much confusion, I wanted a website which is reliable and trusted seller of WOW gold.

I found my needs met at Raiditem.com. The website offers authentic sale of WOW items such as gold, and other stuff which can be bought by me instantly. What’s more exciting is that their customer service is outstanding, and products are genuine. I often initiate an order for WOW gold with them whenever I need a boost in my online game. I have enjoyed my experience of shopping at Raiditem.com and would strongly suggest that all WOW players should choose them for their gold shopping.

The buying process at Raiditem.com is fairly simple. You just need to logon to raiditem.com. Next, choose the item you want to buy. They have deals in various gold denominations listed on their web page. Just choose the one you want, and click the buy button. Your shopping cart is ready. Just make the payments and let the Raiditem.com team do their job. One usually gets the credit in online gaming account within 5 minutes of purchase. Is it not amazing? So, stop searching for WOW gold with bot scammers online, and try Raiditem.com. Trust me, you will enjoy the experience.

Just a piece of advice:

Please do not opt for illegal WOW Gold traders online. They may be scam.

Always buy WOW gold from trusted websites like Raiditem.com

Please contact customer support for any issues with your account. With Raiditem.com support, you can be rest assured of a quality after sales service.

Indian Car Companies

India’s growing economy is home to a series of automobile manufacturing corporations which are quickly expanding to make their mark in the global automobile manufacturing economy.

Let us have a look at some of them:


Chinkara Motors Private Limited is an auto, marine, ATV and aviation manufacturer. It is a boutique, and high precision processing as well as engineering firm.

The company was founded by Shama Bothe and Guido Wilhelm Bothe on April 20, 2006. Chinkara Motors has its headquarters based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The automobiles are manufactured at its facility in Alibagh, near Mumbai. Its key products include 2 seated sports car Chinkara Roadster 1.8 S and Jeepster. Its model Chinkara Roadster is based on Lotus 7. Its model Jeepster is an off road vehicle much like Wiley Jeep.

Some of Chinkara Motors other products include Hammer, Rockster, Beachster, and Salister. The company’s Marine unit manufactures both powered and sailboat catamarans and powered trimarans.


Opel India Private Limited is a division of General Motors India Private Limited. The company is a joint venture with US General Motors.

Opel brand stopped its services in India since 2006 and was taken over by Chevrolet. The company operations are currently limited to providing spare parts and service to existing Opel vehicle owners.

Opel’s vehicle manufacturing plant is based in Halol, Gujarat, India and is currently deployed by Chevrolet for manufacturing vehicles for the Indian market. The headquarters of Opel is based in Gurugram, Haryana, India.

Some of the former products launched by Opel till 2006 include Opel Astra, Opel Vectra and Opel Corsa.


The company Eicher Motors Limited was incorporated in the year 1982 with its headquarters based at Gurugram, Haryana, India.

The company was founded in 1948 when Goodearth Company was established for the distribution as well as service of imported tractors in India. In 1959, Eicher Tractor Incorporation was formed as a joint venture with Eicher Tractor Company.

Eicher has diversified its business into various verticals such as design and development, manufacture and marketing of trucks, buses, motorcycles and auto parts.

Volvo Eicher Vehicles Limited has been established as a 50:50 joint venture between Volvo Group and Eicher Motors Limited. Royal Enfields Motors is a subsidiary of Eichers Motors.


Bajaj Auto Limited is India’s leading two wheeler and three wheeler manufacturing company. It is a part of the Bajaj Group.
The company was founded by Jamnalal Bajaj in Rajasthan in the 1930s. The company is based in Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra with plants in Pune, Aurangabad and Uttarakhand.

Bajaj Auto is the India’s largest exporter of two wheelers and three wheelers. Its motorcycles include Platina, Discover, Pulsar and Avenger models.

The company launched Bajaj RE60 mini car for urban city transportation. The company’s products have received several awards and accolades for their superior performance.


Premier Limited is India’s leading producer of automobiles focused on automobiles, engineering and machine tools segment.

The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Premier Limited is owned by the Walchand Group.

Premier Limited was founded in the year 1941 and began manufacturing after negotiating agreements with Chrysler Corporation for licenses.

Some of its top products include Dodge Kingsway, Plymouth Savoy, Plymouth Belvedere, Fiat 1100, Fiat Uno and Peugeot 309.

Fairy Tail Cosplay

Who does not like fairy tales and the world of magical powers? The concept of Fairy Tail which was an essential combination of creativity, imagination, magic and emotions clicked well with its audience. The popular Japanese series found its way to television, movies and even into plays which mimic the various series characters.

About Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a Japanese series written as well as illustrated by Hiro Mashima. The tail has been one of the most popular creative series since it was published in Weekly Shōnen Magazine in the year 2006. The series entertains its viewers with magical twists, funny characters, and entertaining story line. It is one of the most loved and talked about shonen series. The tail chapters have been adapted into an animated series broadcasted in Japan in 2009 produced by A-1 Pictures and Satelight. The same producer also developed an animated feature film Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess on the same Fairy tail series. A recent series on the same Fairy Tail was aired on TV Tokyo between April 2015 and March 2016.

Before looking at some of the best fairy tail cosplays, it is a good idea to know the story plot. The fictional earth land is covered by wizards which transform into guilds to enhance their magical powers and use them for paid job requests. A 17 year old wizard Lucy Heartfilia escapes her home to join “Fairy Tail” guild which was quite famous for its destructive acts. Lucy is invited to the guild by a wizard with dragon like powers – Natsu Dragneel. Natsu has been traveling in the kingdom of Fiore for his missing foster father – dragon Igneel. Natsu forms a small team with his cat like friend Happy and Lucy who are later joined by ice wizard Gray Fullbuster and armored Erza Scarlet. These five work together on several missions such as subjugating criminals and ancient demons created by dark wizard Zeref. Various Fairy Tail members face immortal Zeref in sacred Sirius Island. A disagreement between Fairy Tail and dark guild Grimoire Heart develops about Zeref which attracts the attention of evil black dragon Acnologia. The various fairy tail wizards survive Acnologia’s attack when the spirit of Mavis Vermillion puts then in 7 years of suspended animation with her great powers and magical spell. Zeref leaves the island at this point and enters into a battle between Fairy Tail and Tartaros. The wizards defeat Tartaros, but Igneel is killed by Acnologia. Natsu now wants to kill Acnologia.

Fairy Tail Cosplays

The term cosplay is a Japanese word formed by the combination of two words – costumes and role play. In a fairy tail cosplay, the various participants known as cosplayers wear fairy tail costumes and fashion accessories to represent various characters. These cosplayers interact with each other to create a distinguished fairy tail culture and bring the series alive. Since now we have a good idea about the strengths and activities of various fairy tail characters it is easy to imagine how various types of cosplays are made.

Some of the cosplays include the appearance of Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster. Natsu Dragnel has dragon like powers. Similarly, the cosplays of Erza Scarlet have a distinct appearance in line with the fairy tail character. Erza is seen in a fairy dress with silver wings, stars and weapons in her possession. She looks extremely powerful in her attire. She has a powerful magical sword in her hand which makes her extremely influential. Lucy Heartfilia is shown as an innocent 17 year old girl in her cosplay. She is fairly simply dressed with a pony tail and depicts the personality of a normal human being. Mavis Vermillion looks like a magical fairy with gentle looks, but a powerful spirit.

In these various cosplays, one of the most interesting ones is that of Erza Scarlet. She is an extremely powerful character with various weapons to her defense which make her appearance one of the most influential in the fairy tail. It is exciting for Fairy Tail fans to see their characters come alive with various cosplays. These cosplays take the audience to a virtual magical world of fairy tail where different characters are brought to life.


Summoners War Hack and Cheats Tool

Games are increasingly used by avid users for entertainment and have become an integral part of human life. Summoners War has become a very popular game among game enthusiasts. The game Summoners War was developed by Plaid Hat and Playdek Inc. Its iOS version was first launched in the year 2014 followed by an android version later in the same year. The game has become quite popular as an RPG game among the gamers soon after its launch. As of today, more than 35 million people have downloaded Summoners War and are playing it each day. The game has earned a score of 86% from its critics based on its five reviews. The game is highly sound on a technical basis with a fairly simple interface which makes it an enjoyable experience for the gamers.

The game is free to play. Though the initial version of the game is free for download from Apple or Android store, players may have to spend some money for advanced features. If you do not want to spend that extra money, and still want to enjoy Summoners War game to the fullest potential, hang on. With the help of Summoners War Hack and Cheats tool, you will be able to download unlimited resources for the game, and that too free!

Summoners War Hack and Cheats

Summoners War Cheats allow one to acquire unlimited crystals and Mana without buying them from the Summoners War Shop. In order to take advantage of this facility, users need to complete the initial step of social share and then click on the website footer to check online Summoners War cheats and hack tool page which will ask them about their account details such as username and number of crystals needed by them. Once confirmed, submit the details by clicking on the generate button. It is so simple! Using this online Summoners Hack and Cheat tool, one can create an infinite number of resources without spending a single penny.

Worried about online theft? Summoners war cheats and hack tool are 100% genuine and safe for use. The tool is increasingly used by gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. A lot of online gaming customers keep placing repeat orders on the site and recommend the tool to their peers and friends. So, if you want to enjoy Summoners War game, then give Summoners war cheats and hack tool a try. You will love the experience.

Hydrostar Commercial Pumps

If you are having trouble maintaining a large domestic or commercial swimming pool, hydrostar commercial pumps are made for you. Hydrostar Commercial Pumps are best for large domestic as well as commercial swimming pools. These include 80 mm or 3” quick connect unions, and 6 litre strainer basket which are well protected by secondary steel. These are available in multiple variants of 4.0 hp, 5.0 hp, 6.0 hp and 7.0 hp. These pumps come with a 1 year warranty, which further makes your purchase safe. These high performance pumps facilitate the much needed extra power to cope with ancillary systems such as in floor cleaning, vacuum cleaning, water features and swim jets. These are also available as a three phase power option. Their light weight design, composite plastic make, and IP 55 protection ratings make them an ideal choice for your swimming pool.

Hydrostar commercial pumps are designed with efficiency as their core focus. They offer superior quality, performance and features in comparison to other products. These pumps have been specifically designed for the swimming pool industry which makes them an unmatched choice for your pool. Hydrostar commercial pumps are designed to circulate huge quantities of low pressure water with the help of high quality corrosion resistant body parts such as a brass or a bronze impellor. Their stainless steel strainer basket and shaft are self-priming. These pumps work best for commercial and large domestic swimming pools which demand high flow rates and minimum maintenance. These pumps have been designed to provide a low noise operation at substantially higher flow rates and even handle higher head pressure than other pump models. Their hydraulic efficiency is enhanced with the use of an internal volute which provides a much more balanced water flow and reduced hydraulic turbulence.

Why buy?

  • Light weight
  • Efficient design
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • IP 55 protection ratings
  • Maximum water temperature 50 degrees Celsius
  • 380/415v – 50Hz
  • 9 and 90 mm Socket Unions

Kids’ Attractions in Chicago

Kids love visiting exciting and entertaining places which have something unique to be discovered and learnt about. Spending time with your kids in Chicago can be great fun with multiple attractions longing to greet you with fun and entertainment avenues.

Here is a list of some of the best attractions for your kids in Chicago:

Lincoln Park Zoo

The city of Chicago allows your kids to see the animals without paying a fee. Kids have the option of visiting the endangered species carousel or enjoy the ride of an animal themed train. Lincoln Park Zoo is an ideal place to visit for your kids since the zoo is working towards a great cause – protection of the endangered species. The endangered species carousel at the zoo exhibits 48 intricately carved artistic replica of animals that need protection. Your kids will enjoy looking at these beautiful colorful models of wild dogs and polar bears. If you are thinking that the zoo does not have any real animals, you are highly mistaken. Lincoln zoo has an extensive collection of wild animals from different parts of the world. Your kids will rejoice the experience of looking at these animals in their natural habitats.

City Gallery at Historic War Tower

If your kids are fond of pictures and art, they will be amused after visiting the city gallery at the Historic War Tower. The city gallery is located inside the old Chicago Water Tower, a tower which is the second oldest in United States. The gallery showcases the Chicago themed pictures of the local artists. The gallery is open for visitors throughout the year, and is recommended for a short day trip with your kids.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center

If you have been looking for a destination which offers fun filled interactive activities for families and kids, LEGOLAND Discovery Center is a perfect choice for you. The center has two floors that are full of fun activities for families with children. Be it 4D cinema, iconic landmarks in Chicago Miniland, or Master Builder Academy Workshop, LEGOLAND Discovery Center enhances your child’s creativity to the best level. All rides and attractions at the center are included in the admission ticket. The museum is a great place for kids of all ages.

Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum

Who does not like exploring the universe that exists around us? Fascinate and educate your kids about our planet earth, the solar system and other stellar objects in space when you take them to Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum. The museum greets its visitors with breathtaking exhibits such as shoot for the moon, and historical artefacts. The planetarium is a great place for responsible entertainment for your kids. Who knows, your kid may be the next astronaut!

The above list of best kids’ places in Chicago provides multiple avenues for the entertainment of your kids. Depending on your taste as well as your child’s interest, you can choose a place you want them to visit. Each of these destinations will have something unique to offer for your kids learning and entertainment.

Kona Grill

If you have been thinking about a restaurant which can offer you a rich blend of authentic American as well as traditional Asian food, stop by Kona Grill. Kona Grill is a restaurant based in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The restaurant offers some of the most authentic dishes in Asian and American cuisines. It is one of the fastest growing restaurants in the US currently serving more than 30 locations in the region.

Kona Grill’s award winning Sushi bars and cocktails are a must try for all. The restaurant offer a rich assortment of wines, specialty cocktails and beers. It offers a wide collection of American and Asian dishes which are prepared by the best chefs’ right from scratch. The growing popularity of the restaurant is evident with the success of its multiple outlets across US. When you are at Kona Grills, you can entice your taste buds for a fulfilling food retreat.

About/ History

Kona Grill Inc. was incorporated on April 10, 2002. The company operates more than 40 restaurants in the US region. The menu items at Kona Grill are prepared from scratch at each restaurant location, including over 40 signature sauces and dressings.

Kona Grill restaurants have an average seating capacity of 290 customers and have multiple dining areas. The restaurant dining area and service bars offer a highly hospitable and radiant atmosphere which keeps the guests entertained and relaxed at the same time.

Kona Grill restaurants are located in locations such as retail centers, shopping malls, urban entertainment regions and lifestyle centers which are often based near commercial offices and residential settings. Kona Grill is an ideal choice for customers interested in casual upscale dining options.


Kona Grill’s menu includes a wide selection of appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, noodles, seafood, and desserts. Its range of appetizers include dishes which can be enjoyed by families and individuals alike. One of its most popular offerings include Macadamia Nut Chicken which is served with shoyu-cream sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. Miso-Sake Sea Bass served with shrimp, pork fried rice and vegetables is also a mouthwatering option.

Kona Grill also specializes in specialty sushi and sashimi items such as Voodoo Roll prepared with spicy crawfish mix and avocado rolled inside a chili masago, and Bama roll prepared with crab mix, cream cheese and jalapeno in soy paper with fish roe, avocado and spicy mayo. Additionally, Kona Grill also has a bento box which offers a variety of protein and side dishes.

The restaurant serves the needs of its customers for an array of dining occasions such as routine dining, business lunches, social gatherings and special parties. The company also offers group dining menus and sushi platters. In addition to food menu, a wide selection of imported and domestic bottled as well as draft beers, more than 50 wine collections, specialty cocktail and liquor are available for guests.

Kona Grills is a must visit eating joint for enjoying delicious American and Asian dishes with your family and friends. Visit this restaurant once, and you will love the experience forever.


NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart

City, Country, May 24, 2016

Karen Stewart was hired in 1982 by NSA (National Security Agency) as a linguist after a rigorous background check. She worked in NSA till 2010 when she was forced outside NSA for her daunting act of asking Inspector General to investigate a matter related to work credit and promotion theft. She shifted to Florida in 2011 to file the lawsuit to be arbitrated by Judge Lawrence Gallagher at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) based in Baltimore.

Karen claims how an intelligent report series on Operation Iraqi Freedom was intentionally mis-credited to an under-educated woman who was sleeping with male managers above Karen in the Weapons and Space Directorate unit at NSA in order to take undue advantage. The managers rewarded her sexual favors by offering her double promotion for Karen’s work which had been a large project and had estimated to have saved hundreds of lives. Karen had simply requested the NSA Inspector General to investigate the claim made by a promotion board member that her Technical Lead and Office Chief had misguided the promotion board to wrongly promote an employee. Karen had no clue that her complaint would result in efforts to destroy her career and persecution as well as harassment. Karen conveys how such harassment followed her from Maryland to Florida, and how the same deteriorated into EMF and Directed-Energy-Weapon (DEW) attacks.

After revelation of Karen Stewart’s painful experience for whistleblowing at NSA, several other employees came up in revealing their own experiences at the organization. Lately, in 2015 the harassment took place in electronic form.

It is not a question of only Karen’s career, but the fate of many more NSA employee victims who are forced to keep mum in view of the experiences of past whistleblowers.

About Karen Stewart

Karen Stewart is an NSA whistleblower. She has been targeted by gang stalking, intimidation and electronic harassment with directed energy weapons in retaliation for an EEOC lawsuit filed against the NSA.


Karen Stewart



Role of a Pulmonologist

The field of pulmonology is closely related to the diseases of the respiratory tract. Pulmonology is also referred to as chest medicine or respiratory medicine. A pulmonologist is a pulmonary disease specialist with specialized knowledge as well as skills in the diagnosis as well as the treatment of lung conditions and diseases.

Who can be a pulmonologist?

The stream of pulmonology is classified under internal medicine. Due to the complexities in various clinical problems, a knowledge as well as understanding of specialized internal medicine fields is essential for clinical practice and certifications. In order to practice as a pulmonologist, one needs to complete an MD and residency training in internal medicine. Majority of the pulmonologists complete 3 years of training in pulmonary medicine and critical care medicine.

Who needs a pulmonologist?

The clinical branch of pulmonology often involves patients that need life support systems or mechanical ventilation. Pulmonologists are specially trained for diagnosis and treatment of various chest conditions such as asthma, pneumonia, tuberculosis, emphysema and complex chest infections.

Shopping for a Gold Leather Tote Bag

Bags are an essential fashion accessory for women. If you sport a gold leather tote bag, you are seen in style. Gold leather tote bags manufactured by Giordani Gold come in different shapes, sizes and color schemes. Giordani bags are one of the most prestigious fashion brands in the world.

You may like comparing Giordani leather bags with fashion icons like Fossil, but it is challenging to find the exceptional leather and design quality offered by Giordani with other brands. With Giordani you can be best assured that your leather bag is made of the best quality patent leather and nylon fabric lining. These tote bags have innovative features such as detachable shoulder strap and multifunctional slip pockets, which make them an ideal choice for the modern techno-savvy woman.

What’s even more exciting is that you can buy one at a price of $149 online. Still thinking? Grab it today!

Space Barriers – iPhone App Review

Who does not like playing puzzles? When a puzzle is interactive and available on your iphone, the joy doubles! I decided to give Space barriers puzzle game a try. The game is so addictive and entertaining that I ended up spending hours playing it! The game has the main goal of trying to get a ball into a particular place. I played the game on my iPhone. I had accidentally downloaded it while searching for something else on iTunes. But I am glad, I tried it.

The experience of navigating the ball through the puzzle into the goal and making points is so exciting. The game allows you to use your fingers to navigate the screen and guide the ball into the goal. The game is ideal for you if you want to enhance your concentration skills to focus on a particular strategy and achieve an important objective. The very process of navigating the game screen and devising strategies to lead the ball to the goal make one focused and de-stressed. The achievement of doing so makes one feel confident. As you progress to higher game levels, the complexities increase and so do the rewards. The game has a total of 100 different levels to attain and they start from easier to complex ones. You can spend hours solving each of these puzzles and trust me, you will enjoy the experience every time. The game is ideal for adults as well as kids. So next time your kids ask you to let them play a mobile game, try space barriers. They will enjoy the game and its complexity. Engaging in solving such brainstorming puzzles will help your kids sharpen their analytical and logical skills and be smarter than the lot.

If compatibility with a mobile device is your concern, you will be happy to learn that Space Barriers is compatible with iOS 7.0 and its later versions on iPhone, iPad and iTouch. The game’s first version has been released on May 19, 2016 with a space size of 77.3 MB. The size is in proportion with the 100 exciting levels which the users need to conquer in order to prove their intelligence.

Overall, Space Barriers is a great choice over other mobile games which take one into a fascinating world of extra-stellar objects and virtual world. Space barriers can help you sharpen your thinking skills and lets you focus your mind on a single objective – make the ball reach its goal. There are no dragons or monsters to fight, and no cruelty or harsh tactics involved. This is important as it helps you keep your mind refreshed and connected with the real world. You can simply enjoy the experience of cracking each level, much like you play basket-ball game. You will see a remarkable change in your concentration power and a feeling of great contentment when you succeed at each game level.

It was my third time with the game, and my last session lasted about 2 hours of continuous game play. This is extraordinary for people like me who hardly play any mobile game for so long. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try!

What do sugar gliders eat?

Pets are human’s most lovable and obedient friends. When your pet is a sugar glider, it is time to celebrate and rejoice nature’s simplicity.

Sugar gliders are small, omnivorous, tree loving, and nocturnal marsupials from Australia. They borrow their name from an affinity for sugary nectarous foods combined with their ability to glide through the air, much like a flying squirrel. Their appearance and habits are in fact quite similar to a living squirrel. One of the most peculiar characteristics of these animals is their gliding membrane patagium which covers their entire body from their fore legs to hind legs. Why do they glide a lot? It helps them locate food as well as avoid enemies!

Now that we have some idea about our cute pet sugar glider, let us analyze its diet plan!

Sugar gliders are seasonally adapted omnivores which can eat a variety of foods in their diet. They satisfy their quench by drinking a lot of rainwater and supplementing the rest of their water needs by consuming water rich foods. In the summer season they are naturally insectivorous and winters make them largely herbivorous. They love consuming sap and nectar from plants by drilling their way into a tree bark. Now that we know about their natural diet, do we assume that we can feed them with anything we have? Certainly not!

The catch for an attractive sugar glider diet is the “sugar” content itself. Since sugar gliders are fond of honey dew or sap produced by insects, honey and fresh fruits make good substitute for sap, manna and honey dew which they would naturally consume in their wild habitat. This does not mean that we only feed them with sugary foods all day. Chocolate rich foods are not recommended in their diet.

The second most important component of a sugar glider diet are proteins. If you end up feeding your sugar glider with too much meat, you cannot blame them for a strong odor they develop. The solution to this issue is dried protein food such as “Glide R Chow” which has been designed specifically for them. The brand offers nutritious and flavored protein products for your pets and makes them long for more.

A healthy sugar glider diet should consist of “Pet Glider Fresh Diet” each day with vitamins, calcium, staples, mealworms and healthy treats. It is a good practice to avoid feeding them anything with preservatives or added sugars and colors. In the wild, sugar gliders can do a lot of exercise and thus maintain a healthy figure. But when they are your personal pets, feeding them with an unhealthy diet can make them fat and unhealthy. They are highly energetic animals and therefore it is best to keep them in cages.

Now let us understand the constituents of a “Pet Glider Fresh Diet.” It is rich in yogurt, apple sauce, calcium fortified orange juice, oatmeal, proteins such as eggs or chicken, vegetables and fruits. In addition, do not forget to feed your pet with enough water to keep them going.







Miss You Poem for Mother- Maa

तू कितनी सुन्दर है
तू कितनी भोरी  है
प्यारी प्यारी है
तू कितनी शीतल है
तू कितनी पावन है
न्यारी न्यारी है
तेरे हाथो की बेसन की बर्फी
बार बार खाई
फिर भी याद आती है आज भी
मुझे वो मिठाई
तेरे जाने से
तेरे न होने से
ये दुनिया खाली है
तेरे बिना सूनी है
मेरी अखियाँ
तू नहीं है इसीलिए जागूँ
सारी सारी रतियाँ
तेरे जाने से
तेरे न होने से
ये बाहें खाली हैं
ये बाहें खाली हैं
तेरी वो बातें
तेरी वो डांटें
याद आती है आज भी
मुझको वो सब यादें
तेरे यूं जाने से
तेरे न होने से
सब कुछ सूना है
मैं बहुत बुरा
पूत हूँ तेरा
इसीलिए तो छोड़के मुझको
तूने यूं मुँह फेरा
कि न मेरे बुलाने से
न मेरे चिल्लाने से
न रोने से
न शोर मचाने से
तू कभी आती है
अब तो यही है इक मेरा सपना
जब भी जनम हो मेरा
बनूँ तेरा अपना
मेरी माँ है तू
मेरी माँ है तू
सबसे प्यारी है

– मेरी माँ डा सुष्मा सूरी को समर्पित (अनुष्का सूरी)