Vote for your favourite CEO

CEOs hailing from India often become role models for budding entrepreneurs in the entire nation. There are times when the social media accounts of these popular personalities have a higher fan following than Bollywood celebrities. The reason is quite simple. CEOs have a high level of responsibilities in company operations. Every strategy executed by an organization is often the brainchild of its CEO. Whether one looks at Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn or Pepsi’s growth, CEOs have played a critical role in these developments. A CEO becomes the company’s face – both in good as well as bad times. How about a contest that shortlists India’s most loved CEO? Excited? Hang on.

#IndiasMostLovedCEO contest has been recently launched with the objective of felicitating India’s most popular CEO, CEO loved by majority of us. The best part is that anyone can nominate their favourite CEO for the contest or if the personality is already on the list, you can vote for them. The participants of #IndiasMostLovedCEO contests also become winners. How? Well, all participants stand a chance to be featured on the contest website and win exciting prizes such as Moto G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers. Is it not exciting? Well, I am all set to nominate my favourite entry for the contest. Are you?

Hurry up, and cast your vote. It is your chance to see the most respected and deserving face in the list of India’s most loved CEOs. Whether the person executed a great turnaround strategy or made India shining on the world map, you can make a wise choice and let the entire nation talk about it. So what are you waiting for? Log on to and nominate your favourite CEO. It is the most exciting contest starring business decision makers. Get going!

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