Nazi Gold – A Dangerous Gold Hunt

An excellent retreat for those who are fond of fiction and mystery at the same time. The author takes you through an exciting journey of treasure hunt with stones to be overturned at each step.

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The novel Nazi Gold begins with an introduction to the life of central character Jack who is an ex-navy man. He is disturbed by the ill health of his sister and father, and constantly nagged by his wife for falling short of money. Jack does not lose the temper and the hope to set everything right someday.

His 85 year old father one day reveals to him a massive secret about Nazi Gold. The gold was lying hidden in a German region, unlikely to be discovered by anyone else so far. His father knew about it since he had discovered the gold at the time of World War II. His father conveys every possible information about Nazi gold bars to Jack, and persuades him to find that gold in order to improve his family’s condition.

The task seems herculean to Jack, but he thinks about it quietly and chalks a plan to get that gold. He assembles two friends to recover millions of dollars of worth of Nazi gold. The terrorists in the Middle East learn about this, and this makes the gold hunt even more intimidating. The novel covers this treasure hunt with shades of contrasting emotions in each chapter.

Read the novel, and rejoice the world of fiction.



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