Spirituality is above Science


The inspiration for writing this post after a long time comes from an interaction with an acquaintance online. Well, I did narrate these facts and arguments to him, but sadly his ignorance overshadowed enlightenment. Let me brief you with what I wanted to say.

My first argument is – we are souls and not bodies. Well, to this my friend argued that we are bodies, and not souls. He even said that there is nothing called a soul. My answer to this was that if we are only bodies, and not souls, what goes to heaven and hell? It is a common sense logic, you see? If we are merely bodies, what is rebirth? Who takes a rebirth? After death, only body remains – that too decays, stagnates, and needs to be buried or burnt as per tradition. Conclusion: We are not bodies. Then what are we?  We are souls. Why do I say so? Scriptures say so. Science says so. My experience of meeting two medical graduates who remember their previous births, says so.

The next question he put was: there is nothing like God, and we have created Him for our support. Well, my answer is that God exists. Yes He does! Look at the nature around you. The way birds fly in the sky, the way each animal has a language, the way human child is born, and the way trees grow. There has to be some superpower governing all this? If you don’t think so, it is your innocence.

Lastly, human life has a goal. The goal is to explore spirituality, and not materialistic world. Who has been able to take all the wealth while dying, or enjoy life after death? World is important – have good health, eat good diet, and live well. But explore spirituality!

I am sorry, if you happen to be an atheist, and or you are offended by this post. I do not intend to initiate another discussion here!

Thanks for reading!

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