A Matter of 2 Chapatis

In a casual discussion with my friends at work, I concluded the ongoing discussion on greed for money by saying that it is a matter of two chapatis in the end. What I mean here is that anything we do here in this world – any job, any business or any act is to satisfy our basic physiological needs – food and thirst. While Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model does outline the increasing orders of human needs, I plan to justify basic needs of food here at the crux of everything we do.

It makes me wonder sometimes, how people who make good money, end up being obese due to their sedentary lifestyle and then join a fitness center or gym and a strict diet regime to shed those extra calories and get back in shape. The joy of enjoying extravagant food is lost when one is asked to have those 2 plain chapatis. May I ask, if having 2 chapatis can make you healthy, what is the point of getting obese, and then getting back in shape. Why not be wise enough to enjoy your 2 chapatis and stay healthy?

The same 2 chapatis motivate all of us to work so that we get access to at least 2 chapatis a day. Yet, our greed does not end there, and we often go beyond those 2 chapatis to accumulate what is undesirable. Look at diseases associated with obesity – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases – all of these could have been avoided, and when you are being treated for them – the physician again asks you to have those 2 chapatis.

What I really want to convey through this post is that while as a human, you are blessed to accumulate wealth and even enjoy it; please exercise caution in your actions. Whatever you do today has a profound impact on your tomorrow. Hence, if you stick to your 2 chapatis aka simple, healthy and balanced diet; you can enjoy a longer life in comparison to a rich life poisoned with excess of healthy or unhealthy food.

P.S. Chapati is equivalent to one piece of bread (for those with non-Indian origin)

10 Tips to keep stress away

Hi !

Thought about sharing some tips to keep stress away:

  1. Do exercise daily.
  2. Do not postpone tasks/don’t procrastinate.
  3. Do yoga and meditation on a daily basis especially some breathing exercises.
  4. Go for a morning and an evening walk.
  5. Listen to soft music of your choice.
  6. Sleep for at least 6-8 hours everyday.
  7. Eat healthy food and a balanced diet.
  8. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
  9. Drink lot of water everyday.
  10. Spend quality time with family and friends.

It was short and simple. I hope you may like them.

Everything will be fine soon – Poem

Whether its early morning

Or its mid noon

When your heart is pulsating

Or mood is irritating

Stop stop stop

Sing and say it loud

Everything will be fine soon..

When you lose your job

and your heart begins to throb

Stop stop stop

Whisper in your heart loud

Everything will be fine soon..

When your health doesn’t seem to be fine

And you are sad, medicines steal your smile.

Stop stop stop..

Sing it again..

Everything will be fine soon..

My dear friend, we get what we believe…

We see what we want to see..

So see the good for yourself and say it loud again..

Everything will be fine soon..

(By Anushka Suri)

How to maintain work life balance?

We all grow up, go to school, Nursery, K.G., 1st, 2nd, … 10th and 12th..graduation and may be post graduation and doctorate. Then comes the job. Some of us start early as summer jobs during school and college. We learn a lot of things in every kind of job. No job is big or small, the importance lies in the experience you gain out of it.

Tips for a healthy work life balance

Sometimes, work pressure begins to rise and the biggest mistake one does is bringing work back home. So here are some tips which may prove helpful to maintain a healthy and a less stressful work life balance :

  1. Do not bring work back home. If it is required, try spending 30 minutes extra at office and finish the work and come back home tension free. Your family is as important as your work. When you don’t take your wife, kids, parents and siblings to office, don’t bring office files at your home.
  2. Set deadlines for yourself to finish work within desired time period.
  3. When a complex work is at hand, divide the work into small goals and then work towards reaching the smaller goals.
  4. Always be open to accept your mistakes and correct them.
  5. Try to develop new skill sets by attending training sessions, interact with your seniors or those who are experienced and learn from their experiences.
  6. Have a healthy food diet daily. Be sure to include fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet.
  7. Whenever you feel unmotivated, think about your achievements and say to yourself “I can do it”.
  8. To beat office politics and peer pressure, excel by developing your core competence. Give your best shot at work and the results are bound to show.
  9.  As far as possible, say away from those who gossip a lot, as they play a major role in spreading rumours and no one knows, you can be their next prey.
  10. Keep your conscience clear. Do not do anything which you is not desirable or least expected of you. A person who follows all rules and regulations is fearless.
  11. Thank God and always believe in Him. He always helps those who help themselves.

Hope you found these tips useful!

7 tips to have a stress free life

Stress, tension, anxiety, depression.. don’t let these overpower you and make you ill. Yes health is not only about good physical well being, a good health is about a good physical and mental well being. We cant keep stress away from our everyday life but we can work on reducing stress and to avoid stress where it is possible.

Here are some tips to have a stress free life:

  1. Exercise daily : You can choose to go for a morning walk daily  or have daily session at a gym or exercise to the tune of music – join aerobics classes.
  2. Yoga and meditation : Do some yoga asanas and some meditation to relax your mind. It helps us deal with stress and anxiety.
  3. Plan and organize : You can plan things and organize task schedule so that there is no tension at the last moment.
  4. Listen to music : Listen to soft music or instrumental music of your choice to release stress and calm your mind.
  5. Nurture your hobby : Whatever hobby you have- gardening, singing, cooking, reading, writing, dancing or any other hobby; spend time with it. Doing something you love will definitely make you happy.
  6. Reading : Reading a book, a newspaper or a magazine also helps dealing with stress as it diverts your mind and makes you feel relaxed.
  7. Share your problems with others : You can share your problems with your loved ones- your family and friends- it helps you deal with stress. Spending time with your family also helps.

Hope these tips were helpful here  is an advice:

In case you feel, pressure is too high to be handled and you find yourself incapable of doing normal tasks due to stress, please consult a psychologist/ psychiatrist. Yes, even huge stress can be life threatening.