How to maintain work life balance?

We all grow up, go to school, Nursery, K.G., 1st, 2nd, … 10th and 12th..graduation and may be post graduation and doctorate. Then comes the job. Some of us start early as summer jobs during school and college. We learn a lot of things in every kind of job. No job is big or small, the importance lies in the experience you gain out of it.

Tips for a healthy work life balance

Sometimes, work pressure begins to rise and the biggest mistake one does is bringing work back home. So here are some tips which may prove helpful to maintain a healthy and a less stressful work life balance :

  1. Do not bring work back home. If it is required, try spending 30 minutes extra at office and finish the work and come back home tension free. Your family is as important as your work. When you don’t take your wife, kids, parents and siblings to office, don’t bring office files at your home.
  2. Set deadlines for yourself to finish work within desired time period.
  3. When a complex work is at hand, divide the work into small goals and then work towards reaching the smaller goals.
  4. Always be open to accept your mistakes and correct them.
  5. Try to develop new skill sets by attending training sessions, interact with your seniors or those who are experienced and learn from their experiences.
  6. Have a healthy food diet daily. Be sure to include fruits and green vegetables in your daily diet.
  7. Whenever you feel unmotivated, think about your achievements and say to yourself “I can do it”.
  8. To beat office politics and peer pressure, excel by developing your core competence. Give your best shot at work and the results are bound to show.
  9.  As far as possible, say away from those who gossip a lot, as they play a major role in spreading rumours and no one knows, you can be their next prey.
  10. Keep your conscience clear. Do not do anything which you is not desirable or least expected of you. A person who follows all rules and regulations is fearless.
  11. Thank God and always believe in Him. He always helps those who help themselves.

Hope you found these tips useful!

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