A new year 2017 – fresh chapter begins

The new year 2017 has arrived with bands and bells, and it is time to conquer what was left unconquered in 2016. My new year’s eve was a disaster since my dad suffered severe gastritis followed by vomits and stomach ache the entire night. But, I did not curse the new year for this, and waited in anticipation for the sun to show up. The day started well with work coming up under my belt. Yes, work flow is important for a freelancer, and having spent half of 2016 in laziness, 2017 needs a forceful revival.

The year has kick started on a Sunday, and it has left a relaxed touch post hard party for many. I plan to pursue my professional goals as well as personal goals closely this year, and “change” is the new agenda for 2017. Change has been an inherent part of my growth, and I will embrace it even higher this year.

For me, 2017 means:

  1. Time to expand my web properties and enter into online and offline collaborations for revenue and traffic.
  2. Create my own book – novel, stories and poetry and publish it using Amazon.
  3. Pay attention to my physique and stay fit through out 2017
  4. Record my songs and create a youtube channel + promote my dad
  5. Get settled
  6. Read newspaper daily
  7. Read one book every month
  8. Attend at least one business event each month

That’s all for the time being, and I guess it is a lot on my plate.

I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year 2017.


New Resolutions for 2015

I hardly did personal blog posts in the year 2014, but I have great plans for the upcoming year 2015. Many more important decisions to be taken and implementation of innovative ideas. Some of these may include:

1) Writing a book and publishing it on Amazon Kindle.

2) Optimization of my present websites and getting rid of sites that do not perform by December 2015.

3) New  concept or business idea.

4) Better tracking and accounting of all I do.

5) Diary of projects and costing.

6) Adding more people to my team.

7) Certifications that matter!

I look forward to a great year 2015 that offers both personal and professional growth!

Wish you a very happy new year!


My Journey through 2014

I started this blog in the year 2009 on 25th December as an experiment to Merry Christmaslearn more about internet marketing and factors that may affect content rankings. The blog has been an excellent learning platform and also helped me to post my personal favorites and get recognition! This year I decided to finally buy anushkasuri.com and host it here on WordPress!

2014 was an interesting year as it gave wings to my dreams. I never knew I could take up writing as a profession. Now it is a habit! No, I have not left online marketing! It is just that I do it on my own ventures now! Hindilovepoems.com is one of them. Many more are likely to follow!

I had always thought about my own set-up but never really had the guts to quit a regular job! It all happened due to circumstances and it is for the good!

So far it has been great and I am sure 2015 brings more hope and aspirations!

I wish to thank all my friends, colleagues and readers who have been following my posts all these years. Thank you so much.

Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Love Messages In Hindi

New Year Love Messages in Hindi :

1. Tere naino mein pyar chalakta hai..

Tere aane se yaar mehakta hai..

Salamat rahe tu dua hai humari..

Naya saal mubarak ho tumko.


2. Dil se bhi aziz ho tum..

Sabse mere kareeb ho tum..

Naya saal mubarak ho tumko..

Har kamiyabi ko chu lo tum..


3. Chaha hai tumko chaha karenge..

Puja hai tumko puja karenge..

Naya saal la de tumko sab khushiya..

Yahi dua bas hum karte rahenge..


4. Tumse milne ki hai dil mein tamanna

Tumse milne ka hai dil mein irada

Naya saal hoga khushiyo bhara

Dua karenge aisi ye hai humara wada


5. Naya saal mubarak ho apko.

Har khushi hasil ho apko.


6. Naye saal ki har dua hai humari

Salamat rahe dosti bas humari


7. Pyaar se pyaari surat hai tumhari..

Naya saal laye salamati bas tumhari…


8. Tere pyaar mein pagal hum rahenge..

Saal naya ho badhiya dua hum karenge..


9. Nav warsh ki ho tumko bahut bahut badhai..

Manao khub khushiya aur khao khub mithayi..


10. Aane wala saal laye dhero khushiyan aur kar de aapko mala maal..







Happy New Year 2010

Wish all my readers a very happy new year! May this new year bring positive vibes for all of us.

Events assosciated with new year

Here is a list of events/things assosciated with new year :

  • New year parties and celebrations: Business season for hotels and restaurants, dance groups, film stars, singers, and other talented people to make money.


  • New year gifts: Personal gifts and corporate gifts both are often assosciated.


  • New year diary : Some of us would be already holding Diary 2010 in our hands while reading this!


  • New year Calendar : A nice calendar – can be wall calendar, pocket calendar or a table calendar in hard copy. It can also be a desktop calendar in pc/laptop.



  • Holidays!! : Yes how can we forget that! Most MNCs and schools are shut, so it is the time to enjoy!!

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Please contribute  and comment.

Once again, wish you a happy new year 2010!!

New Year Resolution Ideas 2010

New year is around and the week is full of excitement with many new year events and parties coming up. Since childhood, we have been making new year resolutions and then sticking by them or breaking them! So find below some exciting new year resolution ideas which you can think about while making a new year resolution for 2010.

New Year Resolution Ideas

  • Weight Loss:

You can make a resolution to lose weight in case you are over-weight or you want to have a great figure.

  • Exercise/Walk Daily:

In case you are more health cautious recently or you have been told to have a walk daily, then you can make it as your resolution.

  • Spend time with family

In case you have been too involved with your work this year, you can plan a holiday with your family or make a resolution to spend quality time with your family in 2010.

  • Spending with care

If you have been shopping a lot this year, then you can think about keeping your expenses under control in 2010.

  • Quit addictions-Say no to Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs

If you have been addictive to smoking, alcohol or drugs, then this new year make a resolution to quit all such things .

  • Reading a book

Books are our best friends. Why not make a resolution to read at least one good book this year!

  • Eating healthy food- green vegetables and fruits

Good food leads to good health. Make a resolution to have balanced diet and avoid junk food this year in 2010.

  • Switching to vegetarianism

If you have been thinking about leaving non-veg food, then this year make a resolution to quiting non-veg and sticking on vegetarian food.

  • Do some charity

You can think about donating a considerable amount of your wealth to charity or helping the poor and needy.

Hope these resolution ideas were of some use to you! Happy new year!!