New Year Resolution Ideas 2010

New year is around and the week is full of excitement with many new year events and parties coming up. Since childhood, we have been making new year resolutions and then sticking by them or breaking them! So find below some exciting new year resolution ideas which you can think about while making a new year resolution for 2010.

New Year Resolution Ideas

  • Weight Loss:

You can make a resolution to lose weight in case you are over-weight or you want to have a great figure.

  • Exercise/Walk Daily:

In case you are more health cautious recently or you have been told to have a walk daily, then you can make it as your resolution.

  • Spend time with family

In case you have been too involved with your work this year, you can plan a holiday with your family or make a resolution to spend quality time with your family in 2010.

  • Spending with care

If you have been shopping a lot this year, then you can think about keeping your expenses under control in 2010.

  • Quit addictions-Say no to Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs

If you have been addictive to smoking, alcohol or drugs, then this new year make a resolution to quit all such things .

  • Reading a book

Books are our best friends. Why not make a resolution to read at least one good book this year!

  • Eating healthy food- green vegetables and fruits

Good food leads to good health. Make a resolution to have balanced diet and avoid junk food this year in 2010.

  • Switching to vegetarianism

If you have been thinking about leaving non-veg food, then this year make a resolution to quiting non-veg and sticking on vegetarian food.

  • Do some charity

You can think about donating a considerable amount of your wealth to charity or helping the poor and needy.

Hope these resolution ideas were of some use to you! Happy new year!!

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