7 tips to have a stress free life

Stress, tension, anxiety, depression.. don’t let these overpower you and make you ill. Yes health is not only about good physical well being, a good health is about a good physical and mental well being. We cant keep stress away from our everyday life but we can work on reducing stress and to avoid stress where it is possible.

Here are some tips to have a stress free life:

  1. Exercise daily : You can choose to go for a morning walk daily  or have daily session at a gym or exercise to the tune of music – join aerobics classes.
  2. Yoga and meditation : Do some yoga asanas and some meditation to relax your mind. It helps us deal with stress and anxiety.
  3. Plan and organize : You can plan things and organize task schedule so that there is no tension at the last moment.
  4. Listen to music : Listen to soft music or instrumental music of your choice to release stress and calm your mind.
  5. Nurture your hobby : Whatever hobby you have- gardening, singing, cooking, reading, writing, dancing or any other hobby; spend time with it. Doing something you love will definitely make you happy.
  6. Reading : Reading a book, a newspaper or a magazine also helps dealing with stress as it diverts your mind and makes you feel relaxed.
  7. Share your problems with others : You can share your problems with your loved ones- your family and friends- it helps you deal with stress. Spending time with your family also helps.

Hope these tips were helpful here  is an advice:

In case you feel, pressure is too high to be handled and you find yourself incapable of doing normal tasks due to stress, please consult a psychologist/ psychiatrist. Yes, even huge stress can be life threatening.

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