What to gift your girlfriend this Valentine?

Valentine’s day is just 14 days away! Have you planned about what to gift your cute girl this valentine? Here are some ideas for you. Nope I am not writing about conventional gifts but rather unique gift ideas here.

  1. Jewellery Box: Girls are fond of jewellery and a jewellery box can be a great gift for your girlfriend! Whether its a bangle box or a box to store necklaces, earings and other jewellery, she will definitely find it quite useful. You can get it personalized with your names written on the box.
  2. Make up kit : If your girlfriend is fond of using make up, then make up kit will be an ideal gift for her. Gift her a branded and good quality set as she is going to use it on her skin.
  3. Chocolates  Gift Pack : Girls generally love chocolates, so go ahead and gift her a nice chocolate brand in a heart shaped box and make her feel special!
  4. Sing a song for her/ Dedicate a song for her on radio :  Make your princess feel special by singing her favorite song for her (if you are a good singer) or dedicating a song for her on the radio.
  5. Stuff Toys : Girls love stuff toys! Gift her a cute teddy bear, a naughty monkey, a heart shaped pillow, a tweety or a micky mouse!!
  6. Musical Card: You can gift her a musical card with romantic tunes playing each time she opens the card!
  7. Mobile Phone : Gift her the latest mobile phone! She will be excited to use the new phone if its latest tech phone!!
  8. Book : Gift your girl the latest book of her favorite author !
  9. Personalized Pillows: Get a pair of heart shaped pillows with names of you both embroidered on them!
  10. Message straight from the heart: Lastly, a simple self composed msg spoken, sent as email, on e card or as sms can make her feel loved and special!!

Hope you enjoyed reading my post.

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