How to be a good human being?

How to be a good human being?

We all have goals and ambitions in our lives but we seldom think about being good human beings. How many of us really think on ways to be a better human being? Very few. So do read this as some of my thoughts may match yours!

10 Ways that will make you a better human being

  • Help others : You should always look forward to helping others. Helping others when they are in trouble is a noble thing to do.
  • Do not harm/irritate/abuse others: If you are not in a position to help someone, then please do not increase his/her woes or do not irritate or abuse the person.
  • Be sympathetic to other’s problems : If you find that your close friend or someone you know is in deep trouble or sorrow, be sympathetic and try to understand his/her situation.
  • Be polite to others: As far as possible (practically), be polite to others and do not talk rude/harsh tone.
  • Do at least one good task daily: Make it a point to do at least one good task on a daily basis.
  • Learn to forgive others: We should learn to forgive others for their mistakes . Learn to forgive and forget.
  • Do not cheat: If you are cheating anyone-whether it is stealing, telling a lie or any other activity, then please dont think that nobody knows. God is everywhere and He is watching.
  • Accept your mistakes: Accept our mistake when you realize it.
  • Do not be egoistic : Do not let ego over-power you. Ego is your greatest enemy.
  • Be God fearing and be thankful to God : Thank God for everything and beieve in God.

Hope you liked it.  Comments and feedback is welcome.

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