Everything will be fine soon – Poem

Whether its early morning

Or its mid noon

When your heart is pulsating

Or mood is irritating

Stop stop stop

Sing and say it loud

Everything will be fine soon..

When you lose your job

and your heart begins to throb

Stop stop stop

Whisper in your heart loud

Everything will be fine soon..

When your health doesn’t seem to be fine

And you are sad, medicines steal your smile.

Stop stop stop..

Sing it again..

Everything will be fine soon..

My dear friend, we get what we believe…

We see what we want to see..

So see the good for yourself and say it loud again..

Everything will be fine soon..

(By Anushka Suri)

9 thoughts on “Everything will be fine soon – Poem

  1. The ways are still there but you just open your eyes , nothing changed nor will change but something is there which has really changed… I cant openly notice it but i can feel , how long i will continue dying , how long i pretend smiling and how long i will feel everything is fine when it is really not… You know it really hurts and everything becomes painfull , i just need something , something very painfull which should dissolve my whole soul my memories my love within my holy heart from the inside out… ;(

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  3. Nice! this one and ‘my heart is child’..but your hindi poems are better in words and expression…anyway keep writing..

  4. As the title of the poem itself is a optimistic the whole poem is on positive thinkings. It is giving a support and showing hope for those who are facing sadness and bad times. It also tells us to become cool down and sing the theme everything will be fine soon when we are in trouble.If u are ever in trouble never become anxious. Just let it happen no one can stop the thing which going to be. and bad times are not for always. It’s like don’t worry be happy

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