Hindi Doha Collection (Offbeat)

Santan ki waani suno…
Nitya karo gun kaan..
Antah Man sheetal kare..
Bhagaye andhkar agyaan.


Sant kahi tu hi saach hai.
So hi kah Ved ka gyaan..
To ku jaan ke baad na hai..
Koi shanka, koi agyaan..
Ek sant moh mil gayo..
Naam Kripalu kahaye…
Kahi Antah-karan sheetal karu.
De assu-an mala banaye..


Kou kah mandir mein rahu..
Kou kah mazjid mein jaan..
Sant kah ouu sab jagah milu..
Kan kan mein rah samaan..


By Anushka Suri

The Beauty of Our Creator

I thought to write this post and express my views on the Creator – God. I have not been a philosophy student but lately I have been enlightened with facts which we all ignore in our daily lives. We are proud as a species – we create problems for ourselves and then say loudly oh, we found solutions! Recently I was told by a friend that scientists have found solutions to global warming. But I would like to ask all intelligent souls – what is the need to create such problems and why cannot we live in peace. We invent atom bomb and then atom bomb kills us (recently in Japan). We are so egoistic about our so-called knowledge and intelligence, that we dare to challenge supreme power sometimes in our unconsciousness. We feel pride in cloning and discoveries of new objects, but are we not using the ingredients already existing on earth?

Our knowledge is so limited that we are still not able to understand with our logic, the chemistry behind an atom. We know there is a proton,  an electron and a neutron. But who tells these sub-atomic particles to have a definite charge and mass? We are not able to identify that supreme power governing the universe even at sub-atomic levels. We are making efforts in identification of number of galaxies, planets and so on. But we are not willing to accept, it is infinite.

In our daily lives, we accept small things without logic. When we are ill, we go to doctor and he says you have a serious problem, we immediately surrender to him without logic that how to know if doctor is genuine and we will not take treatment. We trust that doctor will treat us well. But when it comes to accepting the authority of scriptures, Vedas, Bhagwad – language of God, we have our doubts in place!

God resides in every one – living and non living. But we have our doubts and we continue to feel that we are alone and do sins. It is impossible to gain complete knowledge with our limited minds, limited eyes we can’t see beyond few meters, limited ears we cannot hear below and above a certain range, limited voice – we can’t speak beyond a pitch and volume and limited diet – we cannot eat beyond a certain limit and we vomit in case of over-eating. We know we are limited but we are not willing to accept it due to our ego.

God who is the creator of this universe sits peacefully and in eternal divine bliss. He is complete in Himself and He smiles at our foolishness. We go to temples and worship Him with our physical body. We do meditation without imagination or thoughts about Him. All these go futile in spiritual world.  Love for God which is felt with heart is true spiritual love. All I wrote above will sound Greek to some of us, but thanks for reading!

In the lotus feet of my spiritual Guru.

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Melodious Sankirtans


I came across these youtube videos with fantastic spiritual music with great beats!

Can’t embed it sorry..

Hare Krishna Hare Ram : http://www.youtube.com/user/InvisibleSatsang#p/u/30/ibGeaTjFBmU

Hare Krishna Hare Rama : You will feel like dancing!


That’s all for today. A  new month and hopefully a new post every day!


I wish I knew who I am

As the fan turns off and on..

As there is morning and dawn..

As I get up early and then yawn..

A thought comes to me off and on..

Who am I and why I am here..

If I was a body, I would not be dead anyway..

If I am a soul, why don’t I realize it..

Why can’t I accept birth and death alike..

Why cant I trust what the Bible/Geeta/Guru Granth and all epics say?

Why cant I believe that I am to die one day?

Why cant I care for my destiny after death?

Why do I seek the world from God?

Why do I care so much for this world??

Why cant I see God in a mosquito?

Why cant I hear the screams of poor chicken in the meat??

Why cant I realize God is everywhere?

Why? Why? Why?

Simply because its 2010..

The future is here..

But no one has read and understood the epics.. the holy books..

No body has the depth..

It not humanly possible to grasp the Vedas..

The person who does this is our spiritual master..

I salute my master.. I can’t pay His debt..

Think about it ..

As He says.. Realize the grace of God..

Dont go to holy places just for physical drill..

Love God with your mind..

Thank God – I love you God

Only pictures to say what I want to. Albeli sarkar ki jai – Unmatchable beauty of Radhey Krishan – Unparalleled Guru Kripalu Ji Maharaj – Step in divine journey .


Kripalu Ji Maharaj

Guru - Kripalu Ji Maharaj



Ammaji -Guru Mata


Jai Shree Krishna

Jai Shree Krishna


Pyari Radhey

Pyari Radhey


Radhey Krishan

Radhey Krishan

Bal Krishan

Bal Krishan

Krishan Radha

Krishan Radha


Divine Love

Divine Love

There is no love as pure as divine love, as Maharaj ji says, its futile to be obsessed with worldly desires.

The philosophy of divine love : Who is God?

It is half past midnight and I am writing this post on a philosophical note. Every one in this world tries to show that he is a really kind-hearted and a nice person. Yes I am saying “trying to show or acts to be” and it includes all of us. The fact is that we are concerned only about ourselves. I want to ask all those who pity over the poor condition of others and feel bad thinking about the affluent class, only one simple question : “If you are so much concerned about others, then why don’t you also try living in those discomforts of the poorer and sacrifice your money, job, property and other worldly pleasures??” Na we never want to do that. It is difficult for some of us to even think about sleeping without an a/c and we show concern or sympathy towards those without a fan. I don’t really mean that you should not have kindness for others, but would like you to be abreast of the fact that we all by nature are selfish. The sooner we accept it, the faster will be the true realization.  The realization towards God – true surrender.

Who is God??

Who is God – is He the deity we worship daily? Is He the Jesus in Church? Is He an invisible power? Who is He? I tried finding answers to this question and based on my learning from the ultimate book for spiritual enlightenment – The philosophy of divine love (Prem Rasa Sidhant) by  Shri Kripalu Ji – The saint; I could imagine something about God. What I think is that we all are created with the help of atoms, molecules, muscles, proteins which took form of organs and formed our body. The whole process of creation is very systematic and amazing as seen in case of pregnancy. The point is that death is caused due to activity of molecules and after death also, our body starts decaying. The power which created us from molecules and made us dissolve into molecules again, we forget about and become busy in worldly pleasures. It is just like mother (God) giving us toys (nature/fruits/universe) to play with. Our main motive should be to worship God and have attachment only for Him. God loves us so much that He will accept us once we surrender truly towards Him.

What you may be thinking about God is your own viewpoint, but yes He exists.

Let us learn to forgive and forget

It seems quite easy to say – forgive and forget.  But implementing the same practically is quite an uphill task. We are so complicated creatures, full of egoism, narcissism, self pride and what not. Yes, I know it sounds quite unacceptable that we are egoistic but it is true. We love and appreciate someone till the point we get respect, honor or praise. But the moment we hear someone saying bad about us, we lose our temper. I am no sacred saint or no divine soul, but still I would like to suggest, whatever be your religion, whatever be your faith, it doesn’t matter; but you must learn to forgive.

The practice of forgiving others doesn’t come so easily. You would require a lot of patience before you are able to do that. Love and respect others and make this world a beautiful place to live in. But sadly, worldly pleasures are short lived, so however hard we try, we can never be in the state of real happiness. Detachment is the word, but it is not a one day game. The best path would be to feel the presence of God within, yes feel that He is present, he is watching you and you wont be able able to commit a single sin then. I got some knowledge from a very divine personality and thus I am able to write what my heart truly says. I don’t know how far I have reached in this divine journey or the journey has just begun. But humanity is the only and the best religion. God bless you.