Let us learn to forgive and forget

It seems quite easy to say – forgive and forget.  But implementing the same practically is quite an uphill task. We are so complicated creatures, full of egoism, narcissism, self pride and what not. Yes, I know it sounds quite unacceptable that we are egoistic but it is true. We love and appreciate someone till the point we get respect, honor or praise. But the moment we hear someone saying bad about us, we lose our temper. I am no sacred saint or no divine soul, but still I would like to suggest, whatever be your religion, whatever be your faith, it doesn’t matter; but you must learn to forgive.

The practice of forgiving others doesn’t come so easily. You would require a lot of patience before you are able to do that. Love and respect others and make this world a beautiful place to live in. But sadly, worldly pleasures are short lived, so however hard we try, we can never be in the state of real happiness. Detachment is the word, but it is not a one day game. The best path would be to feel the presence of God within, yes feel that He is present, he is watching you and you wont be able able to commit a single sin then. I got some knowledge from a very divine personality and thus I am able to write what my heart truly says. I don’t know how far I have reached in this divine journey or the journey has just begun. But humanity is the only and the best religion. God bless you.

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