Happiness lies within

We always have complaints – we did n’t achieve this in our life, we lost this, we have grief, we don’t have money, we are suffering, we have pain and so on. We are so dynamic with our mind that even metro rail seems to be slower than the speed with which our thoughts keep on fluctuating. We want to have vanilla ice cream at one point of time but while having the ice cream, if we see someone having butterscotch or chocolate, we think about having it next time. We keep on cribbing that we don’t have enough money, we are not rich enough to travel in Mercedes and live in bungalows. We simply have no idea about the stress faced by a multimillionaire businessman who can’t sleep properly. Are we not better than many wealthier people in the sense that we sleep with contentment. There are not many people who are fortunate like us to have loved ones. Have you ever thought about how a kid who has just lost his father feels on his birthday or special days when he would want his father’s support. Have you thought about parents who have just lost their only child? There are many people in this world who are in a much more critical condition than you are today. So stop complaining and thank God that you have loved ones- family and friends, thank God that you get food to eat, thank God that you are educated enough to be able to read this article, thank God that you are physically fit. There are always two ways to look at a situation : choose a positive side and all will be well.

Some small things which will keep you happy and calm :

  • Leave “I”
  • Practice “Us”
  • Help others
  • Prayers and Meditation
  • Respect other creatures (Humans, Animals and Plants)

Sometimes life does not move the way we want it to, it is better to accept the bad phase with dignity and continue the journey with a smile and a strong belief – “All will be well” .

Anushka Suri

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