120 minutes in a traffic jam in Delhi

Yesterday, it took me about 120minutes, yes 2 hours to reach home from office. My office is at a distance of around 35km from my home and it usually takes 60-75 minutes one side. I started the journey at 6:30pm as I had stopped by Reliance Fresh to buy some biscuits for my brother. All went fine till we reached Tilak Marg at about 7:25pm. But things went to a standstill at Tilak Marg. The light would turn green for only 30 seconds and thus it took us 50 minutes to cross that red light. The traffic police would ask us to have patience. What I saw seemed so kiddish to me, something which we used to do when we were kids- we used to make noise when teacher was not there. When the traffic police guy would come, all the people would start honking loud to tease him to turn our signal green. Finally we were lucky to cross the light at 8:15pm.  Our next stoppage was at ITO which we could clear at 8:25pm. Finally we crossed the Yamuna bridge and I reached my home at about 8:35 pm.

The traffic jam, the horns and the pollution made me so irritable that I made it a point to start early for home today evening. Things were much better today and I reached in time.

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