I wish I knew who I am

As the fan turns off and on..

As there is morning and dawn..

As I get up early and then yawn..

A thought comes to me off and on..

Who am I and why I am here..

If I was a body, I would not be dead anyway..

If I am a soul, why don’t I realize it..

Why can’t I accept birth and death alike..

Why cant I trust what the Bible/Geeta/Guru Granth and all epics say?

Why cant I believe that I am to die one day?

Why cant I care for my destiny after death?

Why do I seek the world from God?

Why do I care so much for this world??

Why cant I see God in a mosquito?

Why cant I hear the screams of poor chicken in the meat??

Why cant I realize God is everywhere?

Why? Why? Why?

Simply because its 2010..

The future is here..

But no one has read and understood the epics.. the holy books..

No body has the depth..

It not humanly possible to grasp the Vedas..

The person who does this is our spiritual master..

I salute my master.. I can’t pay His debt..

Think about it ..

As He says.. Realize the grace of God..

Dont go to holy places just for physical drill..

Love God with your mind..

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