The philosophy of divine love : Who is God?

It is half past midnight and I am writing this post on a philosophical note. Every one in this world tries to show that he is a really kind-hearted and a nice person. Yes I am saying “trying to show or acts to be” and it includes all of us. The fact is that we are concerned only about ourselves. I want to ask all those who pity over the poor condition of others and feel bad thinking about the affluent class, only one simple question : “If you are so much concerned about others, then why don’t you also try living in those discomforts of the poorer and sacrifice your money, job, property and other worldly pleasures??” Na we never want to do that. It is difficult for some of us to even think about sleeping without an a/c and we show concern or sympathy towards those without a fan. I don’t really mean that you should not have kindness for others, but would like you to be abreast of the fact that we all by nature are selfish. The sooner we accept it, the faster will be the true realization.  The realization towards God – true surrender.

Who is God??

Who is God – is He the deity we worship daily? Is He the Jesus in Church? Is He an invisible power? Who is He? I tried finding answers to this question and based on my learning from the ultimate book for spiritual enlightenment – The philosophy of divine love (Prem Rasa Sidhant) by  Shri Kripalu Ji – The saint; I could imagine something about God. What I think is that we all are created with the help of atoms, molecules, muscles, proteins which took form of organs and formed our body. The whole process of creation is very systematic and amazing as seen in case of pregnancy. The point is that death is caused due to activity of molecules and after death also, our body starts decaying. The power which created us from molecules and made us dissolve into molecules again, we forget about and become busy in worldly pleasures. It is just like mother (God) giving us toys (nature/fruits/universe) to play with. Our main motive should be to worship God and have attachment only for Him. God loves us so much that He will accept us once we surrender truly towards Him.

What you may be thinking about God is your own viewpoint, but yes He exists.