Who is India’s Most Loved CEO?

CEOs are often in limelight due to the criticality of their role in company operations. Some acts of CEOs are well appreciated, while others are criticized when not in tandem with company’s strategies. But can a CEO be truly loved by one and all in India? Can such a personality exist who is loved by his team members as well as by the entire nation?

The stories of most popular CEOs include names such as Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, RBI’s Raghuram Rajan and Pepsi’s Arundhati Roy. People have a great fan following for personalities such as Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal as well. It is time to choose your favourite CEO and award them for their accomplishments.

#IndiasMostLovedCEO contest has been launched in order to find out India’s most loved CEO. The rules of the contest are quite simple. You need to nominate your favourite CEO for the contest or vote for your favourite CEO. The game will turn quite exciting when CEOs from all over India will compete with each other for the title of #IndiasMostLovedCEO.

And, that’s not all! All participants get a chance to be featured on the website and win exciting merchandize such as Moto G mobile phones and Flipkart vouchers! As of now there are 30 participant CEOs in the contest, but don’t worry if you can’t spot your favourite CEO on the list. Nominate him or her and brag about it in social media. Who knows, your CEO may become India’s most loved CEO this year!

While the title of India’s most loved CEO might be conferred upon the most popular personality, all the nominated CEOs in the list are winners already. You may judge a CEO on the basis of their company results or their strategies, but if they are successful, they are the best.