The power of giving

Another lesson from the inspirational book emphasized on the importance of giving. Yes, the more we give, the more we get. But the caution is that you should never give with the intention of getting else both, the charm and the fun get lost. The principle is simple and although, I have not really tried this on myself, works in the following way. If you sow maize, you will reap corn in harvest and you cannot get rice at all! Similarly, if you spend most of your time in criticizing and pointing out mistakes of others, you can expect the same to come back to you in some other form. Here comes the role of positive energy in the form of praiseworthy words for others, appreciating others, accepting and thanking others if they praise you and ignoring faults of others.

If we practice this one simple principle of only and only seeing positives in others and only appreciating them and if we pledge that we would not criticize others for 90 days, we will find a change in behavior of others around us. We shall be living a much satisfied and happier life in a relaxed environment.

I agree with this theory and intend to practice it in 2011. How about you?

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