Your choices reflect and affect you

In yet another chapter of the inspirational book, I found this principle that whatever we do, whatever we talk, our company of people, our food, music we feed our ears with, programs which we watch on TV and many other things we usually do, have a powerful impact on us.

If we listen to soft classical or inspirational or devotional music, it will have a healthy impact on us. On the other hand, if we listen to loud rock music, it will also impact us in a negative sense.

If we are in the company of positive people and those who praise us, motivate us; we will definitely be much happier than with those who are continuously sarcastic and negative thinkers.

The author of the book says that we should shun the company of those people who always talk negative and be friends with successful and happy people. This will have a positive impact on us and we will be able to do much better than we are doing in the present time.

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