Watch what you speak

We often speak without thinking what we are actually saying. We seldom keep a watch on how easily we say things which we actually fear and never really want to happen. In another chapter of the inspirational book, I have learnt that we should only and only say those things which we really want to happen. For example if you want to succeed in your business, never ever in your jokes, say that if you fail in your business or things like that. What ever we say or talk send a signal to our sub conscious mind and it increases the chances of converting the said words into truth.

The important lesson is that if you do not want to fall sick, then do not ever say that you will fall sick or you can fall sick only if and bla bla. Always say positive things even if things are not really going fine.

I shall be implementing this too in my life and I am sure results would be very positive. Amen.

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