The art of self discipline

It is very important to wind up tasks that are important whether you like to do it or not.  Yes, the art of self-discipline helps you stay organized and focussed towards your goals.

Where does discipline start from?

Self discipline starts right from school – reaching school on time, having lunch in lunch break. In job, the same discipline comes into play – reaching office on time and having lunch in lunch break. The catch is how one utilizes time after office is over. The same discipline helps sportsmen practice and win medals.

You can start discipline in subjects which are easy to monitor for you. Remember nothing in this world comes for free, neither success does. So how you want to spend your entire day depends on you. It is not possible to do all things in one go, but you can do few things at least!

Here are few tips :

1. When you get up in morning, spend 15 minutes thinking what you will wear today.

2. Develop the art of reading and writing.

3. Maintain notes and file your activities.

4. Be determined and work fast.

5. Keep a watch on your telephone calls.

6. Do not get into the details of everything.

7. Finish off important and tough things first.

8. Find out short cuts.

9. Always take breaks to avoid exertion.

10. Do not day-dream and take actions instead.

Do what you desire at any cost – leaving bad habits for example before it is too late.  It is better to work hard and succeed than to take chances and fail.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed reading! Cheers!! 🙂

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