Faith keeps you going

Faith is one of the most vital pillars of success.  It is important to trust yourself and also trust others. Whenever we apply ifs and but, we dilute the faith. If this happens, I shall win.  So the first step towards being successful is to have faith in yourself and remove doubts like if, then, but from your thoughts. If you will have faith on yourself, it will be easier for you to trust others and win trust of others.

So whatever you may do, do it with full faith and dedication – whether it is devotion (do not doubt whether God exists or not), war (do not doubt if you will win or lose) or an exam (do not doubt if paper will be tough).

Faith has so much power that Saint Meera was unaffected even after consuming poison, because she had firm faith in Lord Krishna.

So, have faith in all your actions and success will be yours! 🙂

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