Has it ever happened with you?

Has it ever happened with you?

  • Your fast friend started avoiding you.
  • A mere joke became very serious.
  • There was a misunderstanding and you could not sort it out.
  • You could not confess that you love someone so much.
  • You were all prepared for your exam but still could not remember the answers.
  • The person whom you love does not love you.
  • People are mean and rude to you without any reason.
  • You are punished even if you are not at fault.
  • You give your best but it does not work.
  • People are so unforgiving to you.
  • You instantly connect with few people than with others.
  • When you are in trouble and your trust is broken by whom you trust the most.
  • You get support from where it is least expected.
  • You miss your mom but you do not have her with you.
  • You want to talk to a person but you cannot.
  • You fear that you may die.
  • You feel that no one loves you.
  • You want to love and be loved.
  • You postpone buying a stuff but you don’t get it later.
  • You buy a watch but it does not work.
  • People who gossip with you also gossip about you.
  • You let it go for other’s happiness.
  • Silence speaks louder than words.
  • You want to say sorry but no body listens.
  • You want to sleep but you are not able to.
  • You want to concentrate but you are not able to do that.

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