What matters the most?

It was a normal day today. Just recovering from poor health problems. Some other minor issues which bothered me, but fair enough I am still alive and I am able to write this post. I am thankful to God for this.  I am an unqualified philosopher I guess. It was just that I switched on the idiot box after a lot of time (1 week) and I was surprised looking at few advertisements promising people to make them richer and one of these said – be a crorepati and indirectly said stop thinking about small things.  So I want to ask you now, what matters to you the most in life? Is it fame, money, love, relationships, family, status, ego, crime, jealousy, power, luxury or health?

If you carefully look at advertisements, marketing efforts in newspapers, phone calls or any other media, people promise you : good health in the form of biscuits with high fiber, biscuits with high glucose – more energy, glucon d – instant energy, juices without preservatives, mutual fund companies want to promise you more profits/returns on your investments, retailers offer you festive discounts, film directors/actors offer you entertainment – so buy movie tickets!

You might feel, I am trying to be some saint or a person who wants to shed all worldly belongings, but it does not really matter to me what you are thinking about me as a person. What really matters is that what is it that you really want? Is it happiness which we all are chasing or is it these misconceptions which we are accepting as realities of life.

Let us look at education sector today. We spend a lot of time and money on imparting quality education to our kids. But we forget the role of moral education in creating good human beings. We should teach our kids about how they can set example for others. There is nothing wrong in being honest, being truthful to self and others, lending a helping hand to those in need, giving money to needy, being friends with a servant’s kid and many more small things which matter in the long run. When your kid turns into adult – he will be more forgiving towards others, he will be able to curb bad company, bad habits – smoking/drinking/drugs, he will be honest with you and will be a good person as a whole.  Along with good moral values, good stress handling capabilities can bring out the best in humans.  It is not abnormal to have stress, tension, be depressed. But what really matters in the end is how you deal with it.

It is important to present a positive picture in every situation. My Guru Mantra is  that whenever everything seems going negative,  just think about positive things in life and let the bad phase pass through.  Coming back to what matters the most to me in life? Well it is good health, peace of mind, happiness and love. Yes I love being loved and I love loving others. Some innocent people especially youngsters do not understand the depth of word love and simply misunderstand me when I say  “love”.  Love is not only about romance between lovers. Love is a feeling which can exist between friends, family, towards God (beyond understanding for some of you!), love towards nature, animals, hobbies etc.

So friends, next time you are lured by anything which offers you fast profits, fast money, or a big piece of wealth, please do think about what matters to you in your life. Everything in this materialistic world is temporary. A lot of you are frustrated reading this from me but it is a hard fact. Your body, your age, your breadth, your wealth, your family, your job, your status, your memory – everything you own today is temporary. So take wise decisions about what you do in this short life and how you and with whom you spend your life.

I guess you are already tired reading this and if you are saying I am wrong and you instead enjoyed reading this, then please post comments! Thanks for reading! 🙂