Be a Good Memory for Others

It is yet another Monday morning, and I have not slept an entire night again. Well, I am not an insomniac, but excess of sleep since Friday has precipitated in another night full of thoughts, dreams and memories.  Memories, yes of my loved ones, and of my late mother. I jotted the below quote few minutes back on Facebook and this blog post seems quite connected with this one:memory

Your mother is the next important person other than your soul, and yes I say it after 8 years of harsh separation (the final one) from my mother. Today, when I visit my home kitchen early morning, and look at pieces of cut tomato leftover on the shelf (the remains of my cooking last night for dinner) and the fact that they are still there, I think of my mother. She was a dynamic cleaning agent who would not leave any piece of dirt lying on the same shelf until 2010. Mothers are naturally trained to teach kids to stay clean and healthy. I say that because I have closely observed a cat family, and the way a cat teaches its kids to clean their body, and other basic life skills. I owe a lot of what I am today to my late mother, and my dear father. My parents and my sibling (brother) have always supported me in everything I did, and continue to do so today. So, coming back to the quote again, learning from the demise of my mother and the fact that human body is transient, I do not see any intelligence in picking up petty fights with others, and then spending an entire life in taking a revenge thereon (typical of many bollywood movies where they show khandaani dushmani (rivalry that exists between various generations of enemies)). Life is too short to be spoiled with the menace of jealousy, enmity, hatred or anything else. Spread peace, and love with your entire heart!

Many of you may refute my point saying that we can’t love everyone, and there will be always competition. Yes, compete, but not at the cost of humanity, please! Be a fair player! Do ethical business. At the end of the long tunnel of life, death awaits all of us, and we will never be present to attend our funeral meeting! So, be a pleasant memory in the minds of fellow humans.

The sun is red – Poem

The sun is red

The sky is blue

The eyes are wet

The tears are true

A storm had come

As usual unannounced

All property was drowned

All dreams were lost

The darkness frowned

The lights dimmed

But one fine day

The dark clouds split

The sun came out

And announced it loud

Things will be better

Better for the time being

For life is no monotony

But a rainbow of destiny

Dont be sad on the dark days

Be stronger to face the rains

For life is just like  a moving train

(By Anushka Suri)

Dare to do something

Dare to do something good

Dare to be a naughty kid

Dare to buy a big balloon

Dare to watch a funny toon

Dare to make a paper boat

Dare to make paper boats float

Dare to do something wrong

Dare to sing your favorite song

Dare to run a race

Dare to make a  funny face

Dare to play a game

Dare to try for fame

Life is a short dynamic  play

Every actor has a role  to play

The dialogs  are ready, the stage is set

Give your best; love, forgive and forget.

(Composed by Anushka Suri)