I love it – Love Poem

I love it when you are so near my dear

And that too in open hair

I love it when you are dressed your best

And rest your head on my chest

I love it when you put on a cute smile

And I keep thinking how much I love you for a while

I love it when you cook best food to eat

My heart my dear races to beat

I love it when you say that you love me

Because I am what today because of thee

What is love? – A poem

Love is a four letter word..

Too simple yet too complex..

Love is a double-edged sword..

Both ends are like an axe..

Love means living on very extremes

Where hearts matter and not make over cremes..

A story can start with a simple friendship..

But it is hard to have mutual feelings..

For not all love stories..

Have happy endings..

But as I said, love is not about giving and getting..

Love is about loving and giving..

Give to love and love to give..

I assure you, you will hate to hate and love to forgive..

So this valentine’s day, loud you say :

I will love you unconditionally – today and everyday!