Funny Romantic One Liners For Her and Him

Funny Romantic One Liners

Thanks so much for an amazing response to my earlier post on funny romantic one liners . Here are some more I have just thought about :

Funny romantic one liners for her

  • You are as sweet as sugar and I am scared I dont die of diabetes baby!
  • I love your hairstyle, some on left, some on right and others straight : I dont understand much but you look stunning sweetheart!
  • I love your teeth. Your teeth shine brightly on your face just like a streak of light in dark clouds.
  • I love you so much baby. Your voice is so intoxicating that it puts me to sleep when I call you at night! πŸ˜‰
  • We both are made for each other. I have short eyesight and you have long. I cant see far away objects and you cant see near ones.. I keep on locking the doors and you keep unlocking them.. I keep breaking the rules and you keep making them..
  • I got scared when I first saw you in the morning! It was the first time I had seen you without any make up..
  • Your hairs are like an express way.. I get confused and lost on my way through them..
  • I owe my great biceps and tricepts to your darling. I lifted you every day and night.

Funny romantic one liners for him

  • I promise to hug you everyday but then I want you to use aΒ deo everyday.
  • I love your moustaches but your beard pricks me dear
  • I love kissing you but your moustaches come in between
  • I love your spikes.. seems like a feshly cut green grass
  • I love your biceps and triceps.. hats off to your exercise schedule.. but you need to prove yourself. Lift me to 5th floor now!!!
  • I love your sparkling smile, which brand of toothpaste do your use?
  • Why do your hair stand straight? Are you using a gel??
  • I fell in love with you the moment I saw you wearing the best brand of shoes. Afterall you need a lot of money to buy such a brand and Iam sure you will buy me a ladies pair soon..

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