An Accident and a Dog Bite- At the same time!

Whatever is in the fate, is bound to happen. There are incidents in human life that make one think, “how did this happen?” It may have happened to you too. You could have met with an accident and escaped miraculously. But how about a dog bite right after a serious accident, you just escaped? Surprising? Read on.the_peanuts_cinema_2015-wallpaper-1366x768

A young college girl Adona leaves for her MBA (Masters in Business Administration) classes on a Monday afternoon. The day was bright with sun shining at its peak. Adona goes to college in her regular cab and her driver Harry has often been warned by her for his rash driving. She leaves home for her MBA classes at 12 noon. On seeing a confectionery shop she exclaims! Adona tells Harry, “Harry, please stop the cab. I need to buy some wafers and fruit drink for myself.” Harry stops the cab as per her instruction. Adona goes to the confectionery shop and buys a packet of wafers and a mango fruit drink for herself. She quickly pays the money to the shopkeeper and sits in the cab with the eatables. Adona starts consuming her pack of wafers and fruit drink on the way to the college. Potato wafers are her favorite and she often bought wafers and fruit drink from the same shop on her way to college.

The journey continues as usual. Adona’s college is 20 kilometers away from her home. It should ideally take 30 minutes to reach her college, but thanks to her cab driver Harry, she reaches the college in only about 15 minutes. Adona has often discussed this with her family telling them “Someday Harry will put me into trouble for his rash driving. I have warned him on multiple occasions, but no use.” Few weeks back, Adona had literally warned Harry for his rash driving on her way to home after attending her MBA classes. Adona told Harry, “Harry, you cannot drive so fast here. You need to respect my safety. I fear someday I can meet with an accident since you may not have control on the cab due to high speed.” Harry responds to Adona saying, “Don’t worry Adona. Nothing will happen.”

It is June 1, 2008. On this day too, Harry continues with his over speeding as he finds it exciting to use high speed to overtake all cabs and even buses on the way. Adona has her earphones on and she enjoys her favorite music tracks on Spotify as she glances through her notes for the class. She pulls the window glasses down as she thinks the sun is bright and the wind is great. The cab reaches the city area where her learning center is located. The learning center for her MBA classes is located in the city center area which is one of the busiest streets in the city, always flooded with traffic jams and people who are busy shopping or doing business.

As the cab proceeds towards the T-point, Adona sees a speeding car heading for a head on collision with the cab. Adona senses that she is about to be hit by a serious head on collision with the cab and it cannot be avoided. Adona remembers her family and she is afraid that she may not be able to see her family members again. Adona’s heart almost starts sinking as the cab collides with the other cab head on and the car overturns. Adona closes her eyes as the cabs collide and she finds herself landed on the busy street with her belongings scattered on the road including her spectacles lying on the ground. Adona was so scared about the accident and her remote chances of survival that she does not utter a word. She could not even scream at Harry to apply the brakes. Seconds after the collision, Adona is lying in a sub-conscious state on the street crossing.

As Adona gains consciousness, a young boy approaches her and helps her collecting her spectacles, books and bag. People gather on the street and ask Adona, “Are you fine?” Adona is still under shock. She replies after a pause, “Yes, I am fine.” Adona is relieved that she is safe and it is a miracle that she survived.

Adona feels a little cramp in her legs and had to make some effort to stand up again. As Adona is about to get up, a street dog comes running and barks at her. Before Adona or others could do anything, the dog comes near her and takes away the wafer packet and the juice packet with it. Adona feels that it has bitten her. The dog was attracted to the empty juice box and the packet of wafers that Adona had bought on her way to the college. Spectators assure Adona that it is a known dog and it did not harm her. But Adona has a strong belief that the dog did bite her.

Adona had luckily fallen outside the cab window and thus escaped the accident with minimal injuries. The cab driver is injured to a great extent and is rushed to the hospital. Adona calls her parents and tells them, “Mom, I met with an accident. I am fine, but I suspect a dog bite. So I am going to the hospital.” Her mother replies, “You met with an accident and you suspect a dog bite… Huh?” Adona tells her, “Mom, it is a long story… I will tell you later…” Adona visits the hospital and is treated for her minor injuries. However, Adona is more concerned about the suspected dog bite.

When Adona tells her physician about the incident, he asks her, “Adona… are you serious? You mean you met with an accident and a street dog bite you at that moment?” Adona nods her head smilingly and tells him, “Yes, doctor… I suspect a dog bite…” The doctor examines her leg and does not find any traces of a dog bite. On a precautionary note, she is given anti-rabies injections.

Six years have passed since this incident took place. Adona is today a young woman who is a senior manager in a multinational corporation (MNC). She still recollects this incident and cannot stop laughing thinking about the timing of the dog bite. She has told this funny incident to many of her friends and relatives who cannot stop laughing at the co-incidence of the suspected dog bite and the accident. Nevertheless, Harry started driving safely after this incident as his cab was almost damaged and he then understood the importance of driving safely.

This incident is an indicator of fate and the concept in the philosophy that “what is going to happen will happen and you cannot escape it.” The incident is also unique due to the happy ending that no one lost his life during the fatal accident including Adona and drivers of both colliding cabs. The dog which bit Adona is also healthy and fine after enjoying leftover potato wafers and mango juice. It is good to say, “All is well that ends well…”

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