Happy Mother’s Day My Dear Mom

A mother is the most beautiful gift of nature that is bestowed upon us. Your mother is your best well-wisher and your most valuable asset. Her smile makes you forget all your worries and makes your life worthwhile. Mother’s Day is a tribute to all mothers around the world. The day, however, becomes sentimental for kids who do not have their mother anymore with them and mothers that are separated from their children. I have a similar case as my mother is no more physically present with me today.

Picture 043

This post is dedicated to my great mother. She was an epitome of love, respect, professionalism, courage, talent, care, humanity, kindness and purity. Her company has enriched the lives of her kids, including me and my sibling. She has been the backbone of our family and our greatest motivator. I still keep using a combination of present and past in my grammar as even after 4 years, I still cannot believe that we do not have her with us anymore.

Here are some cute lines for my sweet mom:

I love you mom

I love you mom

I really love you mom

You are my strength

You are my wealth

You are my soul

You are my fairy tale

You are my magic stick

You are my best friend

You are my rainbow

You are my sunshine

You are my motivation

You are my determination

You are my honour

You are my knowledge

You are my book

You are my Bible

You are my encyclopedia

You are my teacher

You are my love

You are my God

You are my everything, my mom

I love you today, tomorrow and forever

I will continue to miss you till my last breath

Thank you for everything my dearest mom.

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